Emerald Green is the colour of the heart chakra, this rich warm almost turquoise green symbolises communication of love felt from the heart. These people are warm, joyous, generous, loving and giving; their hearts are gifts as they love all people equally and generously.

Emerald green is received through the heart till we are almost exploding and this colour is heartfelt, we perceive and send love extending out into the body, through the sensory awareness extending out into the aura layers, filling yourself up with so much emerald green till over flowing. You feel abundant, over joyed, nurtured with so much love, with plenty, there is no lack, there is so much, your cup is full to overfloweth. You can give and give to your hearts content and still have enough love for you and those you care about. People with open hearts love life with so much joy, joy explodes to all those they meet. There is a deep gratitude, respect, reverence, empathy, unconditional love and appreciation for everyone and life in general. These are the people who take wounded animals home to nurture and love their pets like they are part of their human family, they are telepathic with their animals and share a very close relationship from a heartfelt perspective, they speak heart to heart, possibly the same goes for mother to child relationships in particular babies, the love that has no bounds.

The flip side of emerald green is that passionate people who live well and love full can experience envy and deep jealousy of the heart and find it hard to forgive. Forgiveness and unconditional love teach the learnings or an open heart even when experiencing deep hurt and betrayal. To love another even though they have done wrong to you shows deep compassion and forgiveness. This can take time but I believe emerald green teaches this beautifully, with love we let go of those who have taught us about power, how to be loved, how we like to be treated and most of your how we love and how to heal. No one is saying you need to forget or condom what happened to you but it is you who is hurting or ends up being bitter and twisted. As you release and work through the ownership of your part in the relationship, the acceptance and forgiveness you also let the other person go, they have done their part in your learning and they may have been your greatest teacher.

As with previous colours there are many shades of green, as you go through your learning of the colour, different shades will stand out and invite you to welcome them into your life. There is new green the colour of young shoots for new growth, needing support and learning new skills. Green is generally the colour for growth and learning, moving into to new areas and letting go of what is no longer needed. Lime green has close associations with lemon yellow and represents the colours of the gall bladder when the body needs to revitalise and rejuvenate; it is also the time to assimilate newness and cleansing. If lime green is your colour you may note some immaturity as part of your expression, it’s ok we all need to detox and let go of immature ideas, sometimes we walk in shoes that seem foreign, it cause you are learning new things and may not be yourself.

Olive green is the colour of the earth mother, the crone and wise mother, she takes us deep into our healing, our past working with the ancestors to gain and extend awareness deep within ourselves. Olive green takes us deep into our past that takes us back to eons or other time frames. It is incredibly healing and a time of deep letting go. Resentment, deep loss, deep guilt can surface, often you will see maroon, rustic browns, deeper and darker browns mixed with yellows and other greens . Here you will want to relish and stay here for a while. It may seem darkish but it is very healing, nurturing and comforting. Olive green has been my solaces with many redden browns to aid the journey and see there is movement in realising the deep hurt that holds old hidden beliefs and judgements. Also realising that you may be working through the life’s of your ancestors, that has been passed down from many a generation to finally be healed. With this you are given blessing and many thanks, as many a bad trait is passed down from the forebears to the children.

Turquoise is greenish blue or bluey green, well known for the colour of the water seen in aquifers, it’s noted for its cooling, fresh, tranquil, serene peaceful nature when ones want to relax and let go for a while and rejuvenate. This is the colour of higher communication, communicating love of the ancestors our grandmothers, those who hear heartfelt messages from spirit. Turquoise helps to express what’s felt in the heart verbally and that of sensory awareness of listening and inner sight. It is the colour of the higher heart to speak to the masses and be heard.

We are particularly drawn to turquoise when the immune system is down, you will notice people wear blue around their necks if they get the flu. Turquoise’s vibration with light helps to stimulate the B and T helper cells of the thymus to get busy to help the body heal. If the condition is feverish and hot we like to cool it down, you simply want to wrap yourself up in this colour and take the time out to recharge.

Although turquoise is the colour of higher communication people can become too cool and get stage fright and are unable to express themselves. Rose pink or red thrown in to take the ice off is very welcoming, particularly when speaking to audiences while performing. People born on the turquoise ray are very creative; sometimes their creativity is sifted due to being too tense and not grounded enough to execute ideas that flow. Musicians of this ray are wonderful singers and their words are felt far and wide. You can hear when you listen to their melodies that they sing from the heart but have a higher message that resonates for many years to come and their voices touch your true essence that’s unforgettable.

Yellow and blue make green, green has balance however green people can be left sitting on the fence without committing themselves to stuff.

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