I created the blog because I need to express my inner world and hope to meet others who feel the same. As a young child I was aware of my inner stillness and would spend hours on my own, making stuff, roaming paddocks where I lived, sitting under the macrocarpa trees listening to the wind blowing in the blue gums.

It wasn’t till I was introduced to Aura Soma colour therapy and essential oils in relation to personal growth in my mid-twenties that my life changed for ever. A door was flung open, with this awareness I had a journey of discovery ahead, learning of an inner world and a great need to know/ accept myself, what made me who I am. My intention was to integrate the unseen world of vibration, what we perceive with personal growth. How did they connect, how did this influence my purpose and why did this intrigue me and love so much?

Taking me to a world of deep passion, soul being, deep inner knowing yet totally free and in love, allowed me to make sense of the world. The portals of sensory perception gelled with my inner most integrity, I became excited and the sensory world of colour, smell, sound and plant energetics made sense opening up to perceiving spiritual intelligence. i felt I had hit the jackpot. I studied and learnt whatever I could to make this happen.

I could drop into my soul life anytime to see what’s bubbling beneath the surface of mind and emotions, for what the message is for today. How was I honouring my truth, was my soul happy, was I living the life I have come to live?

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