Plant spirit healing is about coming home to yourself, one of the reasons we get sick is because we are home sick. Plant spirit engages with healing on an ongoing process to bring us back to our true nature; removes the mask, the judgments, who am I? What am I doing here? Plant spirit shines within us our greatest attributes and shows us where we may have travelled off course. We will be given a message, gifts or a day dream that will be meaningful, pack a punch and healing. When we day dream it’s as if we are looking from a third person’s perspective and see your story unfold. The plants will create opportunities and signs in our environment to show us what is required for our next step. The plants become best friends and allies with deep respect and love only for us.

Plants create an environment where healing can take place and will direct us to our rightful place.

Pansies Viola x wittrockiana

Pansies grow close to people and verges, in full sun with a little shade. Stamens and carpels are deep inside the flower, annual and grow from seed with tiny adventurer roots. Flowers resemble kidney lobes and heart. The colours are maroon and darker shades petals with bright golden yellow centres, leaves and stalks the same green. To touch is smooth, narrow gentle leaves, hairy both sides, flowers feel like soft velvet. The resonance of light coming from above travels into my crown down into my ears, kidneys and out through the spine. Intuitively I receive stop look and listen, look at your face, look at me, take a moment I will send you sweet smells of love where ever you go.

The taste of pansies offers a sweet little sour – ascorbic acid taste. The leaves are slippery with mucilage and moistening. Leaves are used to make cream soups instead of adding milk.

Pansies Day Dream

Unlock the energy that is stagnant, the emotions are joy, frenzy, trans – wild, dance, ceremony, wild ones, celebration, raising your power living with joy.

Cars, sounds of running water in the background, its very hot and dusty with some sort of celebration happening. Celebration, party, union of marriage, rebirth and acknowledgment – red, earthy, orche, beating drum festivities go into the night till everybody falls or goes to sleep.

There is much noise, shaking or musical instruments, celebrating the four seasons of harvest, a time to reap what has been sowed, and a time to enjoy.

A bird call in the distance

Beads are worn around the necks of African or Amazon pygmy woman, there are woman of all ages and some younger men dancing. There is a ritual or preparation for shamanic work to be performed, this is the reason for the party and need for a journey. To raise spirit and resonance for the people, to give greater insight into healing for animals, plants, spirit and all things of the forest.

A bell bird calls now everyone is in a sort of trance from all the dancing and a journey takes place with jaguar going deep in the jungle to hunt and find new plant in the forest for medicine. There are about five people on foot, all in a dream time with our power animals we gather plants and moss from the floor. People are talking, water is flowing, the sunrise is about to come up. We venture back to the tribe where we give the herbs and plants we have collected to the shaman for medicine. I am allowed to stay and observe how things are done.

It is very windy, blowing soft kisses on my cheek, cool caresses refreshes and up lifts my attention. Be aware Pansies says as she throws her smell (smile) my way, always take the time to stop and listen you never know who is asking for your attention.

I ask can we talk, she says we have been talking all the way caressing me with her scent.

Your knowledge is purposeful; you need to make use of it, share it or you will lose it. There are many gifts, you can think you are insignificant, or even lack insignificance but you are not. You know you are so much greater than what others see.

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