Rose pink would have to be one of my favourite colours, you may have guessed by now I like all colours but some stand out for me more than others. Rose pink is a warm pinky reddy tinge very much like water melon pink or coral pink.

Rose pink is of the compassionate heart, the heart is fully open receiving deep unconditional love with gratitude, appreciated empathic fulfilling love. Surrounded by rose pink allows you to extend love to the masses without judgement. Our beautiful roses have much association with healing the heart; many say this is where the soul lives. No matter what the emotional context rose fulfils the need with a message that says it all.

When we are deep in appreciation have so such gratitude and overflowing, about to explode that is rose love, smell a rose and see how up lifted you feel. We have so much love and nothing can dampen our love because we love unconditionally with no strings attached, our hearts are so open we keep giving and receiving simultaneously. Loving open heartedly means we have compassion and acceptance even when we are in the wrong or life is not going so well we stay open. Once again its forgiving ourselves for wrongs, guilt’s etc committed and that of another.

The problem occurs when we either forget to receive and stop the flow of love or we give to others when we need to keep love for ourselves, by this time we are giving from strain. This is called unrequited love and stems from not accepting ourselves, to love ourselves fully for who we are, taking the time to nurture, take time out, listening to negative self-talk, berating and judging ourselves for who and what we do. Not viewing ourselves highly or seeing ourselves with loving eyes. It’s a shame that society put more emphasis on put downs, as a norm, so many people undermine themselves, think poorly and cause so much misery.

One of the great learnings of rose pink is to view ourselves as another would see us with love, acknowledge their point of view , we all mirror each other, we have choice to view the situation as is. Meeting somewhere in the middle where there is movement for growth. Sharing in the compassion to accept another’s short comings, and your own are good lessons, building empathy requires people to have their needs met and they value themselves as they are, what makes them unique. It’s about how to meet those needs, what needs to happen and what supports you have in place to address need. The more we understand our weakness and strengths, the more we become to know ourselves, gives us a humble quality indeed. We expand the compassionate heart more and more till we expand to embrace another saturated in the love for all humanity and all things.

Our values are determined by qualities we admire in ourselves and others, they support our beliefs and boundaries which is supported by a code of ethics that are never compromised without our permission. Your core values do not change throughout life, values provide security, wisdom, place of centre, what you think about finances, religion etc. Beliefs change as we extend our boundaries, encompass new ways of thinking and challenge old beliefs.

In my eyes there are no negative connotations to rose pink, however there are different pinks with other messages. Hot pink is often associated with young teenage love and is seen as immature but for the age it’s learning to love, what love is. Narcissistic love, learning to love yourself as the only person in the world, understanding what love means to you, some might say its selfish but I think its great to have a strong sense of self, you learn to know your boundaries, what about me ,its only then can you love another.

The complementary colour to rose pink is turquoise; turquoise encompassing the deep communication of heart felt love to the masses. They work very much in unison a beautiful combination.

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