This is a most beautiful purple blue flower, first it looks like a bird with a gorgeous yellow gold beak and as the rest of the petal unfolds we are drawn to the softer blues and more indigo towards or the edges. Immediately I sense a cleansing aspect to the flower and it is a good blood cleanser. It is striking because as you tune into the flower you are taken down, deep into the roots. As we venture into the roots you can smell the dirt, blue iris likes dry dirt, not too soggy or clayey. But also I sense that she can live in swamp areas, noting the other leaves and grass like leaf.

To journey with blue flag I allow her to step into me or me breathe into her, and sit with me for a while. What area of my body is this beautiful plant working towards and where? Firstly the root or sacral chakra, lower spine, clearing and sensing a hormonal element. Followed by adjusting energy levels, erratic energy, sugar highs and lows or hormonal emotional ups and downs, sits around the pancreas. Other than just adjusting there is an assimilation of nutrients to support endocrine balance. Only a few drops taken in water, possibly three a few times a day for treatment. There is a deep cleansing action to clear out stuck energy, stuck blood congestion with toxins in case of skin disorders like weepy eczema and psoriasis. Blue flag has an earthy pungent action works well on the large intestine too. So we know from herbal books that this is a alternative used in small amounts in deep action and would be best combined with other alternatives or emollients that soften and move stuck stuff while still supporting the mucous or epithelial surfaces as in marshmallow or yellow dock root or dandelion root in constipation.

From here we can see quite a deep cleaning action by blue flag.

The colours of the flowers are striking, this is not to be over looked, the flower essence of the blue iris is well known for helping with blocked creative expression, stuckness in the throat chakra. The strong indigo colour takes you into a world of deep flow, personal expression allowing your throat to open up and say what needs to be said or bring up from the heart what needs to be expressed. The colour travels up to the ears for greater sensory listening. The petals flow in such a way that reminds me of angels wings, The rich yellow colour in the centre of the flower strongly correlates with the 3rd charka, pancreas, solar plexus and owning power, in particular not giving power away due to energy flux, taking time to rest instead of reaching for chocolate or red bull. The flower resonates strongly with the throat and ears and tones towards a EH sound or even EE. Personally I see the spirit of the plant works her magic through the flower asking to see beauty with effervescence and this is the start of journeying with spirit of blue flag, she has touched my heart and hope she touches yours.

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