Have you been feeling lost lately?

Like you are uprooted from your life, struggling to grow in your personal and professional life?

If you feel like something is calling to you, then it’s time to answer that call.

A life coaching package can help you plant new roots in your life, and nourish them until they grow strong and deep.

If you have been experiencing things such as chronic stress, self doubt, low self esteem, or an inability to follow through with projects, then you may be in need of life coaching.

At Soulecez, we customise our coaching packages to suit individual needs, selected from a variety of modalities to support healing.

Every person is unique, and we are here to celebrate your individuality, with compassion and self awareness.

This process is meant to be fun and creative, while also helping you hold yourself accountable.

There are many reasons you can benefit and flourish from life coaching, and I’m here to share with you the variety of life coaching packages available.

Life Balance & Self-care

In the chaos of our modern world, we are often juggling more things than we can handle. In order to reduce stress in our lives and manage our time better, it’s important to practice self-care and maintain a healthy life balance.

There are so many things we have to consider in order to fulfil our own goals, short term and long term. We are constantly thinking about our nutrition, career, exercise, family, personal growth, wellbeing and relationships.

It’s no wonder people often feel chronically tired and overwhelmed by existence.

Our society values achievement, qualifications, success and status higher than anything else. This leads to people ignoring the glaringly obvious signs in their bodies and minds that they are unwell.

We have built a world where you are expected to overwork yourself and continue to work even through illness and extreme stress.

And if you choose something different, it can come with the pressures of being shunned or looked down upon by others.

We prescribe medicine, before addressing the root of many of our issues.

With this coaching package, we strive to help you find the joy in being alive. To see what is getting in the way of your happiness.

Success is not worth anything when we are burnt out, with broken bodies and minds.

Reasons you might choose the life balance and self-care package

  • You are burnt out
  • You need help setting boundaries
  • You want to learn practical self-care measures
  • You are stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships
  • You are stuck in your goals
  • You need to be pushed out of your comfort zone so you can embrace change
  • You need to let go of past traumas and grudges

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is designed to help you build self-awareness in your body and mind.

Our bodies hold so much wisdom and intelligence, that demands to be listened to when things aren’t quite right in your life.

You need to start listening to these signs whether it’s an energy blockage, tension in your emotions or discomfort and pain in your body.

When you are disconnected from your own energy field, your body will remind you to wake back up and start paying attention to these details.

When your body is reaching out to you, it’s time for you to act.

When you step out of your unique soul frequency, you lose your connection to the earth.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re no longer in your flow? Whether you have a creative block or some other barrier, this may be a result of this loss of connection to the earth.

When we honour the earth we stand on, we can feel more in touch with our own body, mind and soul.

When you feel this disconnect it can be difficult to practice having an open mind and loving yourself. You may fall back into bad patterns of behaviour, or become apathetic to the world around you. We become fearful, and this can lead to being anxious, sad, depressed and frustrated.

These feelings then leak out into the rest of our life, infecting our days with the negativity.

We forget to cherish the little moments, and lose sight of our goals, hopes and dreams.

With wellness coaching, we can learn skills and tools to help you reach your physical and emotional health goals.

With coaching sessions, you can learn to manage your stress response, and start practising gratitude inwards, so you can be grateful outwards.

Even if it’s just a few moments in the morning, moving with joy and being thankful will raise your vibration, and increase your frequency so you feel brighter and more ready to take on the day.

We can work together to build a morning routine that is achievable for you, and puts your wellness at the forefront.

Wellness coaching teaches wellbeing and connection to what life has to offer you, and helps you fulfil your purpose right now. It helps empower you to take positive action and listen to the innate wisdom of your body to connect to your own pathway.

Reasons you might choose wellness coaching

  • You feel disconnected from your body
  • You need help with practising gratitude in your life
  • You’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort you can’t explain
  • You need help with stress management coaching
  • You want to build a long term positive relationship with your body and mind


It is a sad fact that we are often taught from birth to tear ourselves down.

We are constantly being told that we aren’t good enough, whether it’s through social media, advertisements or even the people in our lives.

It has become a radical act to practise self love.

We are taught to dwindle our own flames, and diminish the power we hold in our own lives.

We lose sight of who we truly are inside, so that we can play the role that society sets for us.

This often leads to us feeling lost in our own lives, like we have become a stranger to ourselves. We shrink down as small as we can be, and we stop honouring the things that are important to us.

We stop honouring our body, mind and soul.

Life coaching can help provide the tools for us to build a strong sense of self, and learn unconditional self love.

Self love incorporates self acceptance, self worth, self respect, self appreciation and self esteem.

A life that is self empowered is meaningful, inspiring, positive, realistic and owned fully in the present with total conviction.

You are ready to fight and live fully for everything that you are.

Reasons you might choose wellness coaching

  • You have low self esteem
  • You don’t know how to set and honour your own boundaries
  • You need help identifying your own strengths
  • You want help with self-discipline
  • You don’t feel empowered to make your own decisions in your life
  • You feel limited by your own thoughts and feelings

One of the most powerful and important things that you can do, is be accountable for the own role you play in your life.

You have the strength to choose a life where you are happy, fulfilled and connected to the deepest cores of your own beings.

I am here to help guide you through that fiery transition, with open arms and a non judgemental heart.

You have nothing to be afraid of, when your brightest days are ahead of you.

Explore our range of our coaching packages here.

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