Aroma Essential Oils Operating on their Colour/Note Frequencies


Clary sage
Middle C
Deep Base
C 1

Marjoram, Jasmine
Yang Ylang, Rose Otto
Rose Geranium

Tonic, Immune
Neroli, Orange
D 2

Mental, Memory
Nerve Tonic
Lemon, Lemongrass
Melissa, Lemon balm
Middle Notes
E 3

Basil, Geranium
Peppermint, Fennel
F 4

Top Notes
G 5

Top Notes
A 6


Juniper, Clove
B 7

C (high C) 8

Flute Tones

D (high D) 9

Colour & Aromatherapy

Colour therapy and aromatherapy work together in synergy.  Essential oils and colour cleanse negative vibrations for the auric and subtle bodies.  Each essential oil has its own colour vibration or signature, so you can blend the oils that resonate with the same frequency of colour you want to treat.

Red rays produce heat that vitalise and energise all life. Activates blood circulation and stimulates contracted muscles, raises the pulse and heart heat.  It motivates and stimulates power.  Reds rid the body of toxins and negativity.

Red is the element of fire, drives will power, energy, procreation, zest for life, dangers construction and destruction.  Aggression, anger, restlessness and the will to win at all costs

Essential oils: black pepper, cedar wood, jasmine, benzoin, sage, myrrh, rose and thyme

Orange governs the lower back, lower intestines, abdomen and kidneys.  Is an antispasmodic and stimulates pulse rate without stimulating the heart. 

The colour orange is about feeling sensation and being with the soul with a childlike joy and enthusiasm. Feeling like life cannot get any better you are life of the party being social and pleasure seeking and positive. Orange is the colour for dealing with shock grief and loss.

Essential oils: benzoin, cardamom, marjoram, neroli, bergamot, carrot seed, nutmeg, orange, patchouli, pine, mandarin, aniseed, caraway, ginger, cedar wood, sandalwood and cypress.

Solar plexus absorbs emotions, governs pancreas, spleen, middle stomach, liver, gall bladder, digestive system and nervous system. Yellow is excellent for nerve and brain disorders, stress disorders such as ulcers with emotions repressed and helpful in treatment of stomach problems, digestion and constipation.

Yellow is associated with enthusiasm, vitality, self-knowledge, innate wisdom, intellect, business minded, assimilation of thought and study. Yellow is uplifting, light, brings hope and gives a feeling everything will be all right.

Excess yellow indicates to stubborn and over opinionated

Essential oils: bergamot, cardamom, cajeput, citronella, lemon, lemongrass, basil, fennel, carrot seed, dill, sandalwood, tea tree, vetiver, pettigrain and ginger.

Green governs the thymus, heart, shoulders, chest and lower lungs. .  A muscle and tissue builder and helps dispel negativity and soothes headaches.

Green is for jealousy, envy, forgiveness, harmony, balance, stability, adaptability, good judgement, and understanding. Love for humanity, generosity, co-operation, regeneration and nature, new beginnings, breathing space, compassion, caring, growth, willingness and positive expression of inner self. 

Green is cooling, soothing and calming on all levels.  Emotional stabilising and balancing and regulates metabolism

Essential oils: Melissa, rosewood, palmarosa, geranium, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, bergamot, petitgrain and aniseed.

Turquoise blue/ sea blue control areas of the throat, upper lung and arms.  Blue cools inflammatory diseases as an antiseptic.  Blue can reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

Blue is tranquil, cool, nurturing, higher heartfelt communication expression, languages and imagery.

Royal Blue is great for throat conditions, speaking out and speaking the truth.

Essential oils: German chamomile, roman chamomile, marjoram, lemon myrtle, pine, hyssop, rosemary, cypress, and eucalyptus.

The colour indigo governs the third eye, endocrine system, spine, skeletal system, reptilian brain, eyes and sinuses.  Indigo is an analgesic used to treat sciatica, migraine, bruising, pain and inflammation and insomnia.

Indigo is pacifying, calming and devotion to the ideal. Indigo is the eye of the soul, contact with higher self, spiritual communication, higher level of intellect, insight, imagination and self-realisation.

Essential oils: tea tree oil, bay laurel, cloves, yarrow, myrtle and cinnamon.

Violet governs the pineal gland, intuition, calms emotional upset and aids physic ability and meditation. Enhancers bone growth, blood purifier and builds up white blood cells, used in varicose veins, inflammation and pain. 

Violet is associated with creativity, inspiration, mental strength, inspired leadership, evolution of the soul, religion, spirituality, aspiration and humanitarian. 

Because of its high vibration it can dispel fear associated with the mind.

Essential oils: Juniper, lavender, frankincense, hyssop, grapefruit, basil, patchouli, sandalwood and sage.

Generosity, experience, maturity wisdom, vitality, endless supply; future; forgiveness, triumphant and excess

Gold does not seek it has already found, expands the power of love, when you trust you surrender, when you surrender you receive.  Gold is the soul experience, purity of itself and wisdom handed to others and not just for oneself. Gold means I am, it is outside of time, gold is immortal you cannot take it with you because it is already there.

Negative – suspicion, paranoia, crabbedness, limitation, pessimistic, misfit, under-achiever, disgrace, conceit.

Magenta gives the ability to the love and beauty in all things big or small unconditionally.  Loving the little things we do for ourselves and others showing gratitude with a depth of appreciation. A Strong connection to mother earth understanding we are all part of the cycle of life

Essential oil: Bergamot

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Aromatherapy & Aroma

Particular scents of aromatherapy take our awareness into our bodies.  The olfactory bulb and nerve resonates strongly with the nose, amygdala, the orbital frontal cortex (OFC) and the hippocampus. Smells and scents have been long associated with distant memories, timelines and uplifting emotions bringing us closer to our experiences just a heart breath away. The nose and the third eye are closely related to inner sight, intuition and the heart.

The tip of the nose is the reflex point for the heart in facial reflexology meaning the heart knows.  We hear comments like follow your nose or did you get a whiff of that. Cultures like the New Zealand Maori kiss nose to nose when they meet and greet as a sign of endearment and respect.  Not only are hearts and noses connected but so is scent linked to intuition and instinct.

Select a number of essential oils and see what their qualities are e.g. sweet, acrid, pungent, spicy, bitter and antiseptic

  1. What is the flavour i.e. citrus, antiseptic, earthy, pungent, sharp like peppermint or calming and soothing like lavender?

  2. Where does that scent sit and move in the body?

  3. Is the temperature of the essential oil hot or cold, mild or warm?

  4. Where on your body would you like to wear the essential oil?

  • What note is the essential oil?

  • What is the note, is it a base, middle or top note?

  • You may even be able to say what the music note is?

Making your own essential oil blend (2 drops per ml)

  1. Name your intent

  2. What are the qualities you want? Smell and sense where each oil resonates in the body. Follow where the oil travels.  Is it up lifting, centering, grounding or deepening?

  3. Are there oils you don’t like?

  4. If so what are they?

  5. Is there an emotion, feeling or situation coming up for you, what is it? For instance some smells will provoke issues to do with the father or mother.  Inviting us to explore our relationship not only with them but with power and nurture.  Other considerations are how balanced is your yin and yang or masculinity, femininity, sexuality and abandoned.

Make a blend of what smells pleasing and positive

You may wish to use a pendulum to check your selection is appropriate for you.

Footnotes: Colour therapy course 1992