Be One With The Land

Be One With The Land, meditation

Stop and listen. Become aware of your senses and experience the wonder within the environment perceive through your sensory awareness (sight, hearing, touch and sense) imagination and the heart.

Follow the guidance prompts – what you feel, sense, knowing and trust in your imagination let it flow.

Take a few deep breaths and get comfortable.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes, notice how your energy flows through your body. 

Let busy thoughts and talkative conversations float on by.  Place your hands on your heart feeling full of love and gratitude in this present moment.  With each breath in and as you exhale, feel the love in your heart expanding with each breathe going deeper into your body. Send the energy of your breath and light to any part of your body that feels tense and melts the tension as you exhale.  Observe the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and images that rise as you breathe.  Notice the sounds around you as you breathe in and breathe out. 

With your attention in your heart space think about something in life that excites and fulfills you with so much beauty and appreciation. It could your favourite colour, sunset, animal, loved one or another being of spirit. Feel into your heart and sense the wonder

Breathe into your heart and visualize a column of golden white light connecting your energy deep into the earth anchoring you. Now connect to the heartbeat of the Earth, feel her rhythm in your heart and gentle whisper. Feel the heartbeat rise up from the land where you are standing. Sense the connection rising from deep within the earth, up through the soles of your feet, your legs and into your heart.  Connect to the spirit of the land where you live. The more you connect with the land where you live, the more allowing and receptive you are. As you connect with the helping ancestral spirits of the land acknowledge their presence, wisdom, and blessings they have to offer. Feel into your body, sense into your sensory awareness allowing you to tune to your non-ordinary senses. Feel the love and the spiritual light flowing through you from your surrounds and welcome them with gratitude in your heart.

Active Meditation

Visualise yourself lifting the veil between the ordinary and unseen worlds and step out of your house with open eyes.  Once centred proceed to open your eyes to look around at nature as if you are in a meditation in a trance like awareness but fully present.

Imagine yourself lifting a veil between the ordinary world to the power of the unseen and the invisible realms.  As you lift the veil between the worlds, you step out onto a path beautifully lit in golden white light, where all nature talks and wants to speak with you.
Bend down to touch the land beneath you. What is the texture of the soil, the rocks and stones you observe? Let the soil, clay dust run through your fingers and rub it on your face and body, feel yourself start to be one with the earth.  As you continue to walk take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. Observe the scenery, green grass and hills, or maybe long desert landscapes. The trees and vegetation, birds, the animal beings, the small, long crawly insects, the flowers, and other beings of nature.

Be one with the land, happy soul life

Observe what you see in your landscape active walking meditation

​Experience yourself standing in this sacred landscape as fully as you can right now.  Open your senses to take in the beauty of the landscape you are standing in.  Look around you.

  • What is the vegetation here?

  • Are there any animals?

  • Are there any rocks, shingle, and stones?

  • Can you see water perhaps a dam, a lake, a waterfall, or the ocean?

  • What is the quality of the water like?

  • Is the terrain, hilly, mountainous, or bush?

  • Or do you see a dry barren desert landscape or beach?

  • Is the sun shining

  • What is the colour of the sky, are there any clouds?


What are the colours surrounding you?  Drink in the colour with your eyes, Feel yourself fully present in the landscape.  Feel the earth beneath you. Extend your awareness into the earth and listen to what she is saying?  Feel the air on your skin.  Is it warm or is it cold?  Is the air moist or is it dry?  Is the air still, are you being caressed by gentle breezes or in the wind blowing strong?

Become aware of the different sounds of nature and even the stillness, the water, birdcalls, or animal noises?  Do you hear the wind? Taste the air?

Take a moment to take in the fragrances, are there aromas you smell that may bring back distance memories?  Sense the peace and beauty that fills your heart with so much love and appreciation.

As you open your sensory awareness, you experience your mind quieting and your energy expanding to embrace what nature wants to share with you.

Spirit is in partnership with you, begin by greeting them, the helping spirits read your mind and heart, speak to them from the heart. 

We Begin by honouring the directions

(The following invocation is excerpted from walking in the light.  The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life copyright 2014 Sandra Ingerman (sounds true)).

Honour and greet the East.  The East represents the spring.  It is the place of the rising sun always reminding you of new beginnings and the chance of unlimited possibilities.

Honour and greet the south, the season of winter.  Give thanks for the wisdom that is shared from your ancestral spirits.

Honour and greet the west, the season of autumn and the direction of the setting sun.  The west teaches you about the power of death and rebirth.  There is always the new that comes from letting go of what no longer serves you.

Honour and greet the North, the season of summer.  Give thanks for the protection you receive as you live your life from a state of love.  The south can represent the direction of intuition and living from a state of awe and wonder as you did as a child.

Honour and greet the sky above and earth below, acknowledge that you bridge the great powers of Heaven and Earth through your open heart.  Honour your inner divine spirit that is a reflection of the creator.

Now give thanks to the spirit of the Earth who provides you with beauty and the nurturance to thrive.

Feel gratitude for the living being we call air, which is the first living being who welcomed you in the world as you took your first breath.  Air is your constant companion as you are always in connection with it as you breathe.  Air teaches you about your connection with all of life as you share some of your DNA as you breathe out and breathe in the DNA of others.

Send your gratitude to water.  There is no life without water.  Water held you while you were growing in your mother’s womb and then escorted you into the world.  Water fills your cells with life-giving nurturance.

Greet and give thanks to the sun for the energy of need to thrive.  The sun reminds you of the passion of life reflect back to you the divine light that shines within.  The sun is a teacher of unconditional giving, for it gives without asking for anything in return.

Honour, greet the moon, and give thanks to the moon and the stars for sharing beauty and wisdom and for providing your own guidance.  You honour the moon and stars by shining your light reflecting the beauty of the night sky. 

Breathe out love to all the living beings who live in the elements, the spirit that lives in all things.  Honour the animals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles, trees, plants, minerals and rocks.

Honour, greet  and give thanks to the spirit of the helping ancestors who have sacrificed much so that you may live a life filled with peace, harmony , love, light and abundance.

Acknowledge honour, greet and give thanks to the hidden folk who are the fairies, elves, little people and forest guardians who remind you of the magic of life.  These nature spirits care for the water and love it so.  Give thanks to the spirit of the land where you live providing you with a home.

Give thanks to all the helping spirits who continue to share their wisdom, healing and unconditional love.   Give thanks to them for lighting your path, leading to a deep rich and joyful life.

When you are complete thank all the helping and compassionate spirits who joined in the work. Let them know your work is done. They already know this, but it is simple courtesy to thank and close the sacred space.