Creative Soul Expression

What is your story?

creative soul expression, Australia

Taking the time through play, creativity and sensory awareness you unite the senses to make sense of your inner world and connect to your soul.  You may wish to move to illustrate a deep earning within you and record this in colour as feeling.  Expressing the emotions in story through art, writing, sound and movement follows the journey of the soul in being, illustrating how we communicate what we need and feel, but also to reveal the pathways of how we solve what is happening for us providing wisdom and guidance. This depth of expression comes deep from within us and invokes imagination to see the way. Creative art expression provides a way to express what is locked inside of you.  Bringing images into consciousness in a less threatening way, when out of sorts or stressed soothes the emotional self.

Hands speak entirely from the heart and know how to bypass the intellect and language that is limiting, when unable to find the words for what you want to say, we connect to other spheres and worlds. It is as though we are tapping into the unseen and feel part of a greater whole. A new story unravels before you bringing a greater perspective, clarity with new vision and ideas.  Not just ideas but a new ways of expressing and healing the hurts of the past. We find we awaken to something beyond pain, suffering and illness.  Creative expression is a powerful way to awaken the soul to give pain, anger and grief a voice when feeling stuck. 

You might want to see chaos rather than order, depression rather than happiness, ugliness rather than beauty and destruction rather than creation. The healing journey of self-discovery, that is nourished and transformed through imagination, dreams, visions and creative urges are the souls promptings to health, discovery of who you are and all that you can be.

It’s incredibly empowering to know you can change anything about your life in an instant.  What reflects within will reflect a changed outer world. Expect a period of adjustment, some things will full away and others will reinvent themselves. You will attract new relationships, new pathways of thinking and new opportunities.

creative soul expression, meditation