Daydreaming With Plants

Find yourself in a relaxed space in the garden or next to the plant that has got your attention and allow yourself to take in the surrounds and breathe gently into its connectedness. Allow your self-awareness to enter a dream or trance as you to sink into the environment, the surrounds, knowing, being, note what’s to follow and trust where it takes you. There are no rules.  Watch the journey unfold; observe what you hear see in your mind’s eye; colours, images, sensations and sounds.  The plant, herb, the flower, the tree is communicating with you, sharing a part of your imagination and building a relationship with you.  Feel the trust and friendship developing into a beautiful union of love between two beings that love and respect each other. 

Feel into your heart, and with heart resonance, you are ready to communicate with the world, developing trust and right intention. Your heart is like a butterfly, using this analogy – the soul has wings to fly with spirit. Your body acts like a pendulum or channel to perceive and receive information.

Pay attention to everything – Stop and Listen

  • Feel into your body and notice everything your body senses and feels, does during the process, everything you feel, every stray thought no matter how insignificant, unrelated or ridiculous

Pay attention to everything that your body does as you sit with the plant, everything you think and everything you feel.  Learn to become aware of the movement of senses within you

Pay attention to every sound, a dog barking, chime tinkling as a thought rolls pass confirms that thought for example when I was journey with chickweed one day I felt it was very cooling and used for hot dry conditions, next the wind blew chimes sounding a very high note, so I asked again and it happened again.  The wind dries causing cracks which can be another use for chickweed. Be keenly aware what you visualise, what time frame your imagination is taking you into, here you may find yourself going deeper into another world, another time, a story is unfolding, go with what is happening stay with it. Feel into it and observe, just be present.

Stay attuned to your sense like smell, fragrances of flower wanting to say hello, sound, banging gate, wind in the trees, bird calls and other animal noises.  What and where in the body are you perceiving information in forms of tingles, Goosebumps, twitching, pain, cramping, emotions like sorrow, grief, tightening of organs or relaxing sensations in body areas. What chakras are the sensations coming from, what’s happening there, is there energy being released or is there tension?  Note any other energy movement, feel the vibration, how is the energy flowing, where is it going, what passes, what do you see in your third eye, what is opening up before you about you.

What story is unfolding before you, where do you see yourself or experiences you have had or emotions that you need to heal that are being bought before you?  You can ask questions and listen to what you are being told.  Does this information assist you in anyway, how does it relate to you?  You may feel like you are in a trance or watching a movie that you are making.

See if your attention is drawn to observe around the base of the plant, bush tree or flower, note any symbols that reflect how you feel in relation to the experience you are having.

By now the plant spirit may want to share with you, its song. A message that calls the spirit of the plant to you, to journey with any time.  Something that takes you back there in an instant, it can be a song, drumming, words but it is something the plant told you. These are the plant’s gifts. You may receive the plants song because they are a personal ally or because the plant trusts you to use their gifts wisely.