Earth Song Workshop

earth song workshop

Intention of the workshop

This workshop is to engage with nature to facilitate self-healing through opening portals to commune with nature and getting to the heart of the matter.

Through body awareness and sensory perception, we develop the tools needed to relate to ourselves and start a conversation. By feeling into our bodies and listening to felt sense we being to understand how our inner world operates. What is just mind stuff? What is really happening? And what we need to heal?

As we peel away life’s distractions, we observe the stillness and listen to our intuition, directing us to the wisdom we most need with the assistance of the spirit world of the plants, animals, trees, rocks, mountains, and the earth. Sometimes all we must do is just observe how nature goes about life, within the seasons and different times of the day to demonstrate our answers are just a stone throw away.

Let’s take a leaf out of nature’s book so we can all read between the lines to make sense of ourselves.

Questions you want to ask Answers you need to hear

  • Earth medicine song: deepening your earth connection
  • Herbal bathing
  • Feeling into the body through the emotions and toning
  • What is your inner landscape?
  • Clay/Art expression
  • Beverage and snack
  • Mat & cushion
  • Pen/Notebook to record your findings and pencils & pastels for drawing
  • Bring/make a small offering to give to the land as a blessing

$50.00 per class

17 Wacal Road Mothar Mountain Q 4570

  • Wednesday 20th April
  • Wednesday 4th May
  • Wednesday 18th May