Elements Of Earth

element of earth in queensland

We are opening communication to the light beings within the elementals and presence.

When we tune into the portals we open up the door to the inner worlds of the soul/ spirit.By sensing or feeling into the sensory awareness that most resonates with us from the heart.  I tune into colour which allows me to access inner listening through my heart with inner and outer ears open.  If yours is music allow the music to speak through your heart and then listen to the call of spirit.  Or if yours is touch, gently stroking a leaf will be the direct link to the heart for communication. 

  • Free the mind (free of content) – no thought, concepts and ideas, just be

  • Listen otherwise you will not hear (there is always a dialogue of voices speaking to you)

  • Look otherwise you will not see (seeing is seeing within the shadows and off centre of trees, rocks and shady areas.) and from your imagination.

Any time you want to experience the world alive and magical you only need to step into a different dimension of consciousness and creative awareness.  Working with our imagination we bring the connection of spirit to light.

You use your awareness of your senses to perceive spirit and light.  Looking at a tree you see how the tree holds itself, and where it draws its strength and power from.  You look at the leaves, the way the sunlight reflects on the leaves, how they grow, what is their story and message.  As you become more connected with the tree you become aware of its life force, its soul and its expression of spirit.  When we are given the insight that we are all connected to a higher power we also see that the higher power made the tree and gives life does the same for us as well.  There is a turning point in the realisation that spirit created me. Surrendering to the truth in any situation we find ourselves sustained by the call of spirit in how we choose to live our lives.

Once we relax our minds and centre into the stillness of breath and presence of heartfelt awareness our levels of consciousness slows down.   The reality we see opens before us expanding our awareness where we walk synergistically and the portals of inner listening and resonance increase with clarity.

Gnomes – seeing the little people, forms around plants and who does all the heavy lifting and digging in the earth, tunnels snow white and the 7 dwarfs.

Below is a list of earth related objects that have an association with the symbolic meaning of the element earth

  • Rocks, stones, crystals, clay and soil

  • Look at the way insects walk softly on the earth

  • Direction south

  • Season: winter/ metal

  • Emotion/mental – rebirth, growth, strength, grounding, stability, trust, nervous and quiet

  • Sense: taste

  • Snake, lizard, dragon, bull , kangaroo, wombat, turtle and bear

  • Plants, meandering grasses, snake plants e.g. echancea, comfrey, plantain, withania, ginseng family and most root plants

  • Colour: Black/blood red/brown/rustic brown/ green

  • Essential oil/ stomach/spleen meridian: Geranium, peppermint, basil, sandalwood ,yang Lang and aniseed

  • Crystals – clear and Smokey quartz, greenstone and amber

  • Plant/flower spirit essences: chicory, evening primrose &ʻōhiʻalehua

  • Musical note: F

  • Taste: sweet

  • Food: root vegetables and grains

Once you feel centered become aware of your senses.  Take a note of what you hear around you, who’s talking to you, what are the sounds you hear.  As you open your external listening, become aware of perceiving sensations in the body and inner listening as you become more still. 

Are there any twinges, shifts, nuisances experienced in the body? What is the feeling in the body right now?

What is the body sensing? Touch and sound are related on the same wave frequency. You may need to touch a leaf to tune more into the sounds around you.  Touch is nurtured by the heart, how we like to touch and be touched. This opens the portals of the vibratory resonances of sound and allows us to feel deep empathy, compassion, and unconditional love for all of God’s creation.

In order to feel into the land we need to explore sensory awareness into how different textures and temperaments feel through sensing humors of dry, moist, hot, cold and light.  As well as the sensations of touch, sound, feel and listening perceived through body awareness

Below I have used dry as the example but you can add moist if you live in a tropical area.

To feel that the land is dry we need to explore the characteristics of dryness to us.

Think of something dry.

  • What does dryness represent to you? Describe dryness.

The following illustrates dryness including harsh, barren, dusty, crisp, lacking in water.

Now imagine placing something dry against the skin, what are the tactile and sensations of dry?

  • What does dry feel like?

  • What are the images that come to mind?

  • Is there a taste? What’s the smell?

  • How does it sound?

  • What time of year is it dry? Where is the sun? Is it hot or cold?

  • Do you have dry skin and a dry mouth –study your own constitution of the body to reveal different types of dryness?

  • Food resonating with the dry sensation allows you to experience the many different facets of dry.  For instance dry toast has a crunch and brittle sensation while eating. The crumbs can catch the back of the throat causing you to choke finding it hard to breath. When something is too dry you need water to hydrate and relieve drought.

Feel into the earth through your heart or conscious awareness. Visualise going deeply into the earth through tunnels under ground and into open chasms of deep valleys, volcanoes and deeper into the center of the earth, to the crystal caves. Take a moment to find your footing and have a look around. Now imagine all the many earth beings working doing their life’s work for mother earth in her inner core and earth’s crust. Take some time to Merge with the earth and the plants and speak with the light beings and the spirit of the land.

Perhaps the earth has a smouldering volcano deep within her inner core.  

Take your conscious awareness into the land, what do you see? is it cold, hot, dry, damp, dusty, sandy, hard, clayey, rich tropical debris and are there many minerals?

Is it dusty or it is dry, or is the land polluted. You may see a landscape of steep mountains full of rock and crevices.  Tune into (extend your awareness and with permission sense yourself gently slipping into and merging) the rocks and mountains, the forests and the trees, the weeds and plants.  Who is speaking to you?

Think about an animal you resonate with and begin to move like them

What do they see in your mind’s eye and feel in the body e.g. heavy or heat sensation etc.

  • How do they walk on the earth?

  • How do they play, hunt, feed and care for their young?

Within the earth is where all our life exists, two thirds of all life is within the earth.  What is above is so below.  It is in the underworld that we meet our shadow and lost self.  It is a place of deep transformation journeying deeply into the unknown to find helpers, our ancestors and guides to assist in our transformation of ourselves on our soul’s journey sharing light and deep wisdom.

Visualise finding your special old oak tree in the meadow.  As you approach the tree you see a green door with an iron latch.  You open the door and venture inside into a cave where you see many artefacts and paintings on the walls that mean something to you.  You have been here before. Towards the end of the cave, you see a golden spiral staircase which will take you deep into the centre of the earth.  Follow the spiral staircase leading you through the many chasms, by passing roots, taking you deeper into the centre of the earth, into the soul of the earth.  It is in the soul of the earth you find your own connection to your heart centre of your spiritual core, your roots firmly planted deep into mother earth.  This is what Gaia is, the spiritual connection of your soul and the earth soul merging sharing moments of illuminated presence of heartfelt connection.  This is the depth of our being resonating with the heartbeat of mother earth.  From here we know we can walk our path towards the light because we are anchored in the truth of our existence, for ever changing embracing all that life has to offer.  Earth is grounding, stabilising, nurturing and abundant.

Give blessings and Thanks to the ancestors of the land and mother earth for her wisdom and patience.

Learning ways to appreciate how much the earth is part of us gives a greater understanding of the Elementals of the earth. You may like to follow up with my revised version of the Earth Kingdom meditation.

Ask for the protection of the archangels below

Before me is Raphael

Behind me is Uriel

On my right stands Michael

On my left stands Gabriel

For around me flames the pentagram and in the centre stand the 6 pointed stars.

men and so be it.

Relax and let go of all your daily concerns.  Let your body go into calmness, peace and absolute harmony.   With each exhalation let go of all the tension, let the talkative thoughts, conversations in your busy mind disappear.  In the vision of your third eye you see a beautiful blue light, the blue spreads all over you, enabling you to relax completely into the environment.  The blue slowly changes into a calm gold light relaxing even more. Visualise the golden light dissolving the pictures you are trying to hold on to in your mind.  Imagine a brilliant white illuminated energy with a very fine, almost invisible magenta colour turning into a pure resurrected red.  The Red, the colour of the father energy, is the centre of the awareness, now turning into the energy of the son and the daughter, the energy of love visualise a rose quartz colour.

Be thankful for this moment.  Bless this time you are about to receive. Call in your guides and helpers to guide you safely in your journey.

Visualise a cube, a space which is like a tiny room with four walls, floor and ceiling all the same size.  Look inside; imagine it to be on the palm of your hand.  You see thousands of even smaller cubes inside this tiny room.  Within in these walls are countless numbers of gnomes, all busy creating and maintaining this mineral substance.

Now it has become alive in your mind’s eye.  It is no longer just matter; it is living matter and will change when you bless it and love it.  You can tell them to make this matter strong, to hold it together in the way that you wish it to be, so that it can serve the highest good.  Bless the matter that has been built to serve you and the Gnomes can become aware of your gift.  To them this blessing is similar to your daily bread. Now send them love because this is the most precious gift you know you have to offer.

Now turn your inner gaze to the vast spaces outside of the tiny room which you hold in your hand.  Imagine what you can tell the earth angels what you have experienced.  Look through your inner eyes for what you see, at this time you may not form any words as they are of the earth.  Allow all the vast numbers of angels dissolve into a vast open room, a hall where the walls, ceiling and floor are too far away to see.  A very small part of a great angelic being is there.  The whole inconceivable great being we cannot as yet comprehend.  A great sound of deepest singing, ringing fills the hall.  There is no time or space.  You are alone, no one else is here, but all are here.  There is a fulfilled energy and we can only add wonder, awe and reverence.  With all your gratitude, love and blessings full this space and lay it in this enormous place.  The singing sound changes into harmony hitherto not heard by us as a result of having communication.    

We are now using the circle of light and cross of light in the circle of light as a golden key to close the centre of higher perception securely.  Over the crown, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral and base energy centre.

  Open your eyes when you are back in the room and ready to return.

Bringing back to the here and now

  1. Draw or visualise a protective circle a symbol of golden light over each chakra

  2. Place a white cross with some rose quartz in it

  3. The complete symbol is visualised over each charka as the meditation closes.

Amen and so be it.

Marko Pogacnik says that the earth elements power centre is found between the knees and if we had a very long tail this chakra would vibrate at the end as it hits the earth. 

Exercise 1

Perceiving the elemental beings of earth. Bring your awareness to your knees and feet firmly on the ground. Imagine the charka between the knees with a sphere of light resonating from it.  Extend this sphere moving vertically downwards going deep into the earth and into the underworld where the gnomes live. Open the sphere like stretching a bubble and with your sensory perception into this world and see what you see.  You are now in contact with the subterranean world of elemental begins.

Exercise 2

Another way in being in contact with the elemental beings is imagining a sphere vertically rising upwards towards your hip height.  At this space open your sphere and you will be in contact with the elemental beings in that environment.

Serpent– South – Earth – Senses

South Direction

Earth is symbolised in many cultures as snake medicine by shedding the past to produce new skin by wrapping the coils of light around you. Transforming letting go of the old, habits, embracing the new bringing forth health and deepening awareness.

Earth is the direction of the south when we need rest, strength, resilience, let go and rebuild, representing the quiet night of solitude, peace and nurture.

The earth element affects the stomach, pancreas, small intestine, solar plexus and adrenals.

The emotions are melancholy, peace, nervous energy, nurture, trust, honour and calm, the mother, carer and wisdom. A time to seek solace and strength.

Earth Medicine Archetypes

The archetypes of the universe like snake, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle and others are forces that create sacred space which are organizing principle of the universe.  They are energy beings that are planted as seeds in each chakra.  When the seeds are received, they are pure potential.  It is your own engagement and relationship with them that will grow into powerful forces to inform charkas of new ways. 

Snake medicine reminds us that change is in the air and we must have our intentions clear in the direction we wish to strike.  Stay connected well-grounded observing both the tiny vibrations in the earth and the warm smells of the air. As we learn to connect with our surroundings we grow discarding the trappings of the past.

Mother of the Earth, healer throughout many cultures: here we shed our personal past the way mother Earth moves through the cycle of the 7 seasons.  The shedding of the skin represents the rebirth and transformation. The snake energy is said to be the umbilical cord that links us to the earth mother. The primary force dives deep and knows the deepest parts of our selves – the one who walks with beauty in the belly of the mother – the one who knows the way back to the true self, the place of innocence.  We call on the earth to rekindle our passion, energy and enthusiasm.

snake - element of earth
  • See, touch, smell, sexual energy, food and medicine to heal on a physical level

  • What you see is what you get, what it seems – seeing only the obvious but may be blinded to feelings and others

  • First brain (reptilian brain)

  • Perceiving dangerous vibes, if you don’t maser it, it will take you over.

The Limbic brain drives both first and second chakra and is related to challenging fear in fight and flight. In cases of trauma the serpent represents the vagus nerve stretching from the stomach up into the limbic brain controlling many of our body’s reactions in fear unsettling our very core losing our sense of place.   When in fear we fight for our survival and this leads to compulsive feelings of scarcity and lack, compulsion to overeat, never enough and fear of losing possessions.  The snake energy raises its head when we need to work with and letting go of trauma.  Snake shows the way by taking us into her depths within the energy/instinct and emotional world to observe and see what action is required. By gently coiling and uncoiling she unravels the story we tell ourselves and brings up what is necessary to be worked with.

Learn the qualities of snake by viewing their mannerism and how snake moves along the earth. Once you have learnt several qualities move your body and visualise yourself as a snake.

  • Step into the snake’s skin. Observe what the exterior of your skin feels like?

  • Observe the snake’s fast thin tongue? Now your ears and wide open mouth.

  • How do you view the world through the eyes and ears of a snake?

  • Imagine sliding along the ground and along rough surfaces

  • Remember you are governed by pure instinct. Imagine catching prey in a furious pursuit.

Sit with snake with a few minutes each day for a couple of weeks observing the instinct of the world around you.  Sense the world by smell and clear hearing.


The Chinese Tastes

chinese five tastes, 5 flavors

Astragalus, American ginseng, codonopsis, wild yam, licorice, aniseed, fennel, fenugreek and nettle.

In Chinese medicine the sweet flavour of the earth nourishes exhausted body tissues that require protein to rebuild and provides glucose as their fuel. The full sweet flavour builds, tonifies and moistens while neutral and bland flavouring foods help remove dampness in the body promoting urination. The best form of Sweet foods are found in pumpkins, sweet potatoes, taro carrots, parsnips and other root vegetables. Sugar excess causes mucus in painful joint extremities and lowers immunity.  Chewing on brown rice, sweet potato, squash, chicken and fish provide a good source of bland foods.

Whole grains, root vegetables, jujube dates, whiter squash, low fat dairy, fish and lean meat. 

Feel into your body, become present as you take a bite and let yourself become aware of the subtle tastes and flavours as you chew and swallow. Observe where else in the body you feel the tastes and flavours.

  • What are the tastes, smells and sensations you are noticing?

Earth is related to stomach/ pancreas and spleen indicated by a healthy appetite and full moist pink lips. Providing good concentration and memory detail to assimilate and organise new ideas.  Low earth energy may give rise to poor eating, tummy upsets, excessive worry and obsession with orderliness and detail. For those who find it difficult to declutter and assimilate this may impact other areas of their life. It’s much easier to let go when we have sorted what is of value to us.  Upon reflection and contemplation one can look at what is nurturing and what is discarded as excess baggage.

The earth represents how we support each other in our physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment. How does the physical world and other people give you basic support and stability? I invite you to sit on the earth and ask the great mother to give you support and nourishment for you today.  Tell the earth what you need and then receive it by feeling relaxed and clear in your mind. Both security and insecurity brings you closer to earth to feed your body, heart and mind because she is the mother.

The following questions give a taste of your relationship with the earth.  Find a place in nature to sit and ponder these questions as you chew and digest them

  1. How has your mother supported you?

  2. How does your home make you feel?

  3. What makes you feel safe and not so safe?

  4. Are you understood by others?

  5. Do you nurture others well?

  6. How do you take care of yourself?

  7. Do you care for others at your own expense?

  8. How much do you worry?

  9. Do you overeat or eat when you are not hungry? If so, why?

  10. Do you enjoy eating? And feel satisfied?

  11. How do you feel about seeing a baby breastfed?

  12. Do you enjoy sweets?

  13. How is your digestion?

  14. How do you feel about caring for young children?

  15. How would you feel alone in the wilderness

  16. When have you felt that the rug was pulled out from under you?

  17. Do you love to walk barefoot? On the earth, the soil amongst your toes?

  18. Do you have people around when you need them?

  19. What are you thankful for today?

As you answer the questions take a moment to reflect on how well you care and nourish yourself within the environment you live.


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