Elements Of Water

water lilly, soulecez

Undines – Blue – the liquid world

The mermaids, undine and nymphs protect the oceans, lakes streams and ponds.  Water asks us to find resources and inner strength when life is stacked up against us.  Gain insight, contemplation, meditation and introspection to provide a clear sense of self and personal growth.  Water is the element of the emotions and is the time to lay the burdens of our past to rest.

Below is a list of water related objects that have an association with the symbolic meaning of the element water

  • Water, oceans, rivers, dams and droplets of water

  • Water lilies, sea weed, willow, gotu kola, Gympie stinging plant, boab and eucalyptus trees

  • Shell, Fish, crab, turtle, water dragon, dolphin, frogs, jaguar and crow

  • Direction of the west

  • Season: autumn/winter

  • Emotion/mental – fear, objective, artistic, original, flexibility, flow, refreshing, revitalising, grief, tears and ancestors

  • Sense: hear/listen

  • Colour Blue/aqua/turtle and blue/ purple/ black

  • Essential oils bladder/kidney meridian: juniper, Cypress, tea tree & chamomile

  • Crystal – tourmaline, topaz, coral, pearls and amethyst

  • Herbs plantain, mullein, mallow and marshmallow

  • Plant spirit essence/ flower  essence – gentian, mimulus, mustard seed, oak, frangipani flower, old man banksia, macrocapa, clematis, blue lotus

  • Musical note: A & G

  • Taste: salty

  • Food: reishi, sushi, miso, zucchini, cucumber and celery

Begin to dance moving your body in a spiral formation and feel yourself start to flow as the movement of water, spiraling and flowing.  Allow your senses to feel into the presence of water.  Image the tranquil cool blue lakes from melted snow ice capped mountains, being absorbed into the depths of fast-moving swollen meandering rivers. Hear the ocean waves as they come crushing tumbling to the shore tasting of salt. Visualise cascading waterfalls splashing freshwater droplets on to your body

As you move imagine immersing yourself in water, let the water become an extension of you and allow the water to penetrate your skin till you feel the moisture alive within. Appreciating water as a living being.

Feeling & sensing water

Moist/wet – water – clouds

Moisture is the giver of life and abundance.  Rain softens the dry earth to allow absorption of nutrients.

The characteristics of water are best observed by bathing and drinking.

  • Feel how the water droplets run down your skin while taking a shower, what is the sensation on the skin? 

  • Take a sip of water, bring your awareness to your mouth, and note the taste? Observe the sensation as the water flows down the oesophagus and into the stomach?

  • How does the water feel in your body? What is the sensation?

  • Imagine water regenerating your body, how does it nourish you?

  • Imagine or better still stand in a stream of running water outdoors.  What does the water feel like wrapping and gently washing over your feet, sliding between your toes? Is the water slippery, murky, muddy, fresh, or clear?

​Staying with the presence of the water; how does the sound resonate in your ears and heart as you hear these sounds?  You may wish to attune to sounds of cascading waterfalls, the ocean or rushing turbulent rivers or hear the rain falling on the roof.

just listen and be in the moment.

  • Imagine how the earth feels as the rain pummels the land receiving water?

  • Water can be warm and cold – sense that?

  • Describe the difference between how the body reacts to sensing cold water as appose to hot water on the skin externally. What are sensations e.g. shivering cold, nourishing or perhaps pain?

  • Describe how that would feel?

  • What about the pain from freezing icy cold winters mornings?

Water is the giver of life, without water we can’t survive, so vital to growth and renewal.

  • Describe how the flow and the intensity of the water affects you?

  • As you immerse yourself deeper into water is there an emotion? Do you feel heavy physically, sad, emotional, teary or peaceful?  What do you feel?

  • Do you feel renewed, revitalised, refreshed and uplifted?

  • In your everyday life how do you flow? 

  • Ask water to give a sign or symbol of how to connect?

Learning ways to appreciate the aspect of water provides a deeper understanding of how we interact with the water Elementals.  You may like to follow up with my revised version of the Water Kingdom meditation.

Ask for the protection of the archangels below

Before me is Raphael

Behind me is Uriel

On my right stands Michael

On my left stand Gabriel

For around me flames the pentagram and in the centre stand the 6 pointed star.

Amen and so be it.

Relax and let go of all your daily concerns.  Let your body go into calmness, peace and absolute harmony.   With each exhalation let go of all the tension, let the thoughts conversations in your busy mind disappear.

In the vision of your third eye you see a beautiful blue light, the blue spreads all over you, enabling you to relax completely into the environment.  The blue slowly changes into a calm gold light relaxing even more.  Imagine a brilliant white illuminated energy with a very fine, almost invisible magenta colour turning into a deep red.  The Red, the colour of the father energy, is the centre of the awareness, now turning into the energy of the son and the daughter, the energy of love, a rose quartz colour.

Be thankful for this moment.  Bless this time you are about to receive. Call your guides and helpers to guide you in this journey and know you are safe.

Imagine a chalice filled from the fountain where water is carrying life, it is reflected in the light of caressing love of the undines. These water elementals are the carriers of etheric living energy which once came down from the great cosmic ether and has anchored itself in water, to heal, to cleanse, to refresh body and spirit.

The undine kingdom is present in the energies in the warm state. When fire plays with the undines they create warm enhancing moisture which we breathe in healing our bodies with a refreshing breath of life. See this chalice lifted up to your lips.  Take into your sense its scent, its fragrance.  The two energies of undines and the fire salamanders create the third energy of living fragrance.  As they dance, they create the new forms and give new life.

See on the floor where they have been, the traces left.  As you look, you can see that the seeds sprout and behold lying in the fertile earth.  The gnomes are taking care of them and what wonderful patterns are now visible.  In a creative way we wonder, we are already creating new ideas on how to follow the dance, to learn the new dance.  We now thank the undines for their inspiration. 

Out of the silence we hear a sound of angels singing.  The music of the undine mingles with the music of the angels, the music of the spheres.  The singing sound changes into harmonies hitherto not heard by us.  This is a direct result of our humble effort to communicate as best we know how.

We are now using the circle of light and cross of light in the circle of light as a golden key to close the centre of higher perception securely.  Over the crown, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral and base energy centre.

Open your eyes when you are back in the room and ready to return.

Bringing back to the here and now

  1. Draw or visualise a protective circle a symbol of golden light over each chakra

  2. Place a white cross with some rose quartz in it

  3. The complete symbol is visualised over each charka as the meditation closes.

Amen and so be it.

Exercise 1

An exercise you may like to do perceiving the water elements (MarkoPogacnik). 

Allow yourself to center and be present with a big breath in and out. It is a glorious day with a few clouds in the distance horizon. Visualise yourself as a mermaid the lower part of your body in fish silvery scales. Your thighs feel slimy, shiny, hard, and cool to touch. Imagine splashing your mermaid’s tail several times and basking in the midday sun. At a rock pool feeling the sea water splashing on you.  This creates communication of resonance with the water elements that are present with you.  Now imagine a few drops of water rising high enough to touch your solar plexus region and rising to the heart charka.  Let the water world work on your body, feel it emotionally and let it lead you in a little dance.

Jaguar– West –Water – Emotions

West Direction

Water is the direction of the west and is the place of our medicine space the jaguar, the cat, deep emotions, great courage, intuition, imagination, and enchantment.

It is the time of harvest, reaping what you have sown after the long hot summer and preparing for winter.  This is a time of purification, letting go and healing. Gaining insight into self and personal growth.

Water is the bearer of the emotions, tears of loss, sorrow, fear, and deep pain.  If the emotions are not fully expressed, they may accumulate in the joints and remain buried. Holding on to the past affects the meridians of the bladder and kidney.

Mother, Sister, Jaguar medicine who guides us into the depth of our mystery. Bridging the gap between the emotional/ soul and mental body.  Engaging in the sub conscious to explore the world of the soul and dreaming.   The Jaguar Archetype helps one to step beyond fear, violence, and death. This is the archetypal connection to the life forces of the jungle, everything that is green; life force, luminous warrior who has no enemies in this world or the next.  The jaguar energy assists in letting go, to bring new life and hope.  It is the same energy that summons chaos through a burning forest only to rekindle law and order to bring the environment back into the way it should be.  Jaguar can transform heavy negative energies and emotional energies of anger, fear and grief into the light and is the protector of life.

  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness unlocks what inhibits us from moving forward

Mother, Sister, Jaguar medicine who guides us in to the depth of our mystery bridging the gap between the emotional/ soul and mental body.  Engaging in the sub conscious to explore the world of the soul and dreaming.   The Jaguar Archetype helps one to step beyond fear, violence and death. This is the archetypal connection to the life forces of the jungle, everything that is green; life force, luminous warrior who has no enemies in this world or the next.  The jaguar energy assists allowing part so you that need to die in order to bring new life and hope.  It is the same energy that summons chaos through a burning forest only to rekindle law and order to bring the environment back into the way it should be.  Jaguar can transform heavy negative energies and emotional energies of anger, fear and grief into light and is the protector of life.

element of water
  • Mind, emotions and how thought interprets reality

  • Links beliefs and emotion transforming into insight.

  • With curiosity and inquisitiveness unlocks what inhibits us from moving forward

  • Jaguar is said to be part of the mammalian brain where we experience emotions, deep feelings of love and compassion

  • Jaguar energy teaches you to overcome aggression, fear, superstition and rise above.

Jaguar energy medicine overcomes our deepest fear with courage.  We learn that fear awakens us to danger that may be present and is part of the thrill of the chase. The jaguar demonstrates through tenacity, quick, agility and slick speed outwits all opponents in its sphere.  With careful consideration and a well thought out plan observes its prey by watching their behaviour and motions over a period of time.  Only acts when the time is right don’t be tricked in to thinking the cat or jaguar is sleeping. After all it only a cap nap they are always aware and in tuned to their environment’s every move.

Learn the qualities of jaguar by viewing their mannerism how they play, rest, hunt and look after their young. Once you have learnt several qualities move your body as a jaguar in play and catching prey, sense how it feels.

  • Imagine you are Jaguar for a moment and step into the body of jaguar. Observe qualities of the exterior the body?  get to feel and sense it’s strength,  it’s strong sinew athletic body long legs

  • Observe their facial features, mouth, teeth, ears what are the qualities?

  • Imagine what nature is telling you, what can you see though their eyes and hear with their ears?

  • Imagine running at incredibly fast speed to chase prey and note how they care for their young.

  • What do you perceive has your perception changed at how you view the world?

Jaguars are known for their intuition, strength and courage.


The Chinese Tastes

chinese five tastes, 5 flavors

Marshmallow, celery, parsley and nettle

Salty tastes can make you sick, it softens hard surfaces, cools and tonifies the kidneys and blood vessels. Mineral salts support the body’s strong skeletal system, teeth, skin and nails

Sea vegetables wakame, kombu, kelp, nori, sesame seeds and the mushroom families including shitaki, oyster, portabello and reishi. Minerals salts come from bone broth and other vegetables including celery, cucumber, zucchini and silver beet

Feel into your body, become present as you take a bite and let yourself become aware of the subtle tastes and flavours as you chew and swallow. Observe where else in the body you feel the tastes and flavours.

  • What are the tastes, smells and sensations you are noticing?

Water holds the potential for all life; it carries the seed of your hereditary information. By allowing water to flow through you, you run the course of your destiny.

The water element is related to the kidney and bladder meridian system and is responsible for governing the midnight cold, kidneys, bladder, bones, ears and knees.  In Chinese medicine water is in the winter phase where the energy is hidden deep in the body where it is cool, dark and condensed. During this time the regenerative forces are gathering potential for a long rest.   If all the emotional work has been done in the autumn phase, then there is no need to fear any loss, winter can now be a peaceful rest. Kidneys are related to our physical stamina and reserves.  When the kidneys are healthy there is plenty of courage, willpower, and determination with endless energy. A restful winter night’s sleep ensures awaking in vitality for the new energy of spring, in effortless problem solving.  Fearful people tend to be timid, get angered if they are rushed and make inappropriate decisions. Metal nourishes water.  When we let go, there is no fear, no more anger and no more unhappiness.

These questions can help you feel the flow and currents in your life.

  1. When did you last have a good cry?

  2. Have you fully grieved the loss of someone close to you?

  3. Do you fear things that go bump in the night?

  4. What is your greatest fear?

  5. Do you enjoy water?

  6. Do like to take risks?

  7. Do you experience sadness?

  8. Lost opportunity?

  9. When has fear kept you from doing something you wanted to do?

  10. When have you found courage?

  11. What makes you feel nervous/ anxious?

  12. When have you felt excited? Ready to pounce?

  13. Do you have me time? quiet reflection

  14. How do you feel in rainy weather?

  15. How much water did you use today?

  16. When do you feel at peace?

Let yourself sink into a great river and be absorbed into energy flow of life taking you into the depths of your life’s experiences.  When you have bathed in this source for a while quenching of your deepest longing give thanks that the water for taking you there.


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