Elements Of Air

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The light beings of the Sylphs are the weather beings of the clouds and air.  They are the breeze on a hot summer’s day or the violent hurricane wind cleansing moving stuck stuff creating change, shifting, swirling and redirecting. Promoting freshness, clear vision and hope for what’s to come, making way to light the path of hidden truths encouraging listening and inner harmony.

The element of air can be seen in the way we move through life with an attitude of feeling light or heavy in heart. 

It is the inspiration that uplifts us when we need more enthusiasm.  Air is responsible for all sound felt through the vibratory waves of frequency. Sylphs are responsible for the air we breathe they help orchestra how oxygen is metabolised by plants.  

Pollution has filled up many spaces of life where ether once lived making it challenging for angelic beings to survive with the actions of humanity.  Due to the pollution and lack of purposeful communication with the Sylphs, they have hid away and are suffocating in some areas.  Sylphs need our help to thank them for service and we must provide spaces that are clean for them to return in abundance. We have to open and hearts to love again with immense gratitude so communication will return. This recognition will give human souls their health back.

Below is a list of air related objects that have an association with the symbolic meaning of the element air

  • Butterfly wings, feathers and lion, eagle, owl, kookaburra and rooster

  • Air, wind, breeze and breath

  • Breath

  • Trees, pine needles

  • Season spring/wood

  • Direction east

  • Emotion/mental –movement, vision, new beginnings, whimsical, inspiration and uplifting

  • Sense: smell

  • Yellow/indigo blue/violet

  • Herbs: lavender, turmeric, dandelion, celandine, ginger, violets, yarrow, bracken fern, wattle blossom, fat hen, farmers friends and sow thistle

  • Essential oils/liver/nervous system, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, peppermint spearmint, grapefruit, lavender

  • Crystal – citrine, copper and amethyst

  • Plant spirit essence/ flower  essence – jacaranda & gardenia

  • Musical note: E & D

  • Taste: antiseptic/sour

  • Foods; cauliflower and broccoli

Take a couple of deep breaths feel the air as you inhale through your nose and exhale giving life to breathe.  

Imagine yourself breathing in beautiful fresh clean air and gently exhaling carbon dioxide absorbed by trees and plants. Which is transformed by the process of photosynthesis into oxygen performed by the beings of air? Listen to the sounds in the wind; we hear a bird song to lift the mood, chooks laying eggs and dogs barking in the distance these are all aided by the begins of Air. As we become still and appreciate nature the beings of presence invite us to stop and be present.

Now feel the breeze upon your skin, how does it sit, feel, what is the nature of air? Air can be described as drying or heating and cold and bitter depending where you live. In traditions of old it is on the wind we hear the wisdom of the ancestors our grandmothers, grandfather, ancient ones whispering to the children about what’s to come in storytelling.

Air brings change and transformation when seed travels on the wind to find somewhere to germinate.  Electromagnetic energy travels through the airas in Wi-Fi, radio and microwaves to support appliance and digital communication networks

The temperament of air can be hot, dry, sharp, blunt, swift and fast.  Sometimes subtle and gentle with a moist overtone in wet conditions.

  • Feel the sensation of wind, the breeze against the skin – observe how a warm northwester and cold southerly wind feels on the skin. What sensations to you feel on your skin? Describe how it feels and how does your skin respond?

  • What do you perceive from how the wind sounds? Does the sound bring back memories or takes you somewhere for a minute in the distant past.

  • What other sounds do you hear? The distant call of dogs barking, kookaburras, traffic noise or perhaps waves at the beach, what other sounds do you hear?

  • What do you hear as you whisper in the wind the seeds of change?

  • Imagine for a moment how strong winds affect the land. Describe how it could feel if you were the land with strong gusty winds whipping your surface being constantly hammered. What are the effects of air and wind on the land? What are your impressions?

  • Imagine a bird in flight and for a moment picture yourself as an eagle or sea gull in flight navigating the air as they fly? What do you observe? What do you see with clear vision?

  • Describe what sensation you feel as you are gliding through the air?

Now take a moment to appreciate the air you breathe.

Take a deep breathe in and blow out, do this a few times – observe the flow of breathe.

  • What are the sensations you observe in the body as you breathe in long deep slow breaths inhaled through the nose and flows with the movement of the lungs? Followed by exhaling long deep breathes.  Note your observations?

  • Imagine having hiccups, how do they feel them in the body as you breath in and out?

  • How does the air smell that you breathe?

  • What is your sound? How would you describe your voice; soft, loud, deep sharp, shrill, quiet, slow etc.

  • How does the sound of your voice resonate with you?  Does it uplift you?

  • Try using your voice in different tones to gain self confidence

Learning ways to appreciate how we use air provides us with a greater understanding of the Air Elementals. You may like to follow up with my revised version of the Air Kingdom Visualisation.

Ask for the protection of the archangels below

Before me is Raphael

Behind me is Uriel

On my right stands Michael

On my left stands Gabriel

For around me flames the pentagram and in the centre stand the 6 pointed star.

Amen and so be it.

Relax and let go of all your daily concerns.  Let the instrument, your body go into calmness, peace and absolute harmony. With each exhalation let go of all tension, let the talkative thoughts, conversations in your busy mind disappear.

In the vision of your third eye you see a beautiful blue light, the blue light spreads all over you, enabling you to relax completely into the environment.  The blue slowly changes into a calm gold light relaxing you even more. Visualise golden light dissolving all the pictures you are trying to hold on to in your mind.  Imagine a brilliant white illuminated energy with a very fine, almost invisible magenta colour turning into a pure resurrected red.  The Red, the colour of the father energy, is the centre of the awareness, now turning into the energy of the son and the daughter, the energy of love, to a rose quartz colour.

Be thankful for this moment.  Bless this time you are about to receive. Call your guides and helpers to guide you in this journey and know you are safe.

A beautiful garden lies before you and you enter this garden by walking across a meadow where you see many native flowers spread out before you and close to your feet.  You lend down to the smell the pleasant aroma of this sweetness in the air. To your right and left there are shrubs and trees on either side.  As you stand still becoming aware of the landscape.

What do you see?

What do you hear?

How does it feel to be there?

Take a moment to just sit on the soft green grass.  You become very relaxed and at peace with yourself.  In the vision of your third eye you see a beautiful blue light, the blue spreads all over you, enabling you to relax completely into the environment.  The blue slowly changes into a calm gold light.  It makes the space that you are in appear larger.  A very gently breeze moves your hair, caresses your skin and you become aware that your breath is very slow and deep.

What is this air that you are using in order to live?  If it keeps you alive, it in itself must be alive you ask?

“What are you air?” You ask

Out of this stillness comes a whisper:

“I was part of god.  I am all around you.  As you need me, so I need you.  We are intertwined but invisible not totally visible to see.  The parts you cannot use are taken up by the trees, the shrubs and the flowers.  You can help to reunite me with the wholeness which I once was.

What is it that I can do for you?

Have you got a name? Yes I do have a name, but firstly, I am not able to be a single being.  I am actually we, so you talk to all of us.  We are known as the Sylphs, the elemental spirits of the air.

How can I help you?

Take us back to the great energy of God and the angels.   You can talk to the angels but we can no longer do this.

You humans have come between us and the original wholeness of us.  Talk to the angels and tell them about our state now.

You took the first step to freedom, to become separate from God when you took the fruit from the tree of knowledge.  You now know the secret of God, but you have forgotten the life, the tree of life.  The breath of air is no longer the same since you used your knowledge.  The air which we are now is heavy and polluted.  You cannot change this back to the living state unless you change a part of yourself.  You humans have forgotten in all your great knowledge that gratitude, blessing and love are all part of the purity of life.  The living breathe of air needs to be regained.   When you come to us with the three gifts of love, thanks and blessing, we will help you achieve this task.

Tell the trees and plants that you will give to them the part of air, the part of us, which you are unable to use.  If you become a mediator between us and the angels, you will be a creator of a new air, a new breath of life.  This new air and breath of life will start a new cycle because you have changed us.  Unless you help us now all the air might die, us and you.  We will not die if you follow the path of love, blessings and gratitude, we will all have created a new and very beautiful breath of love, much more alive than it was at the beginning.

Can I see you Sylphs?

You can if you relax deeply.  Relax, what can you see?  Is what I see is correct?  Are you completely invisible transparent beings?  Uncountable numbers in a tiny space?

So you can see us, yes, you have now seen us.  We dance around and within you.

We also dance around and within all plants. 

It is only you that can make the new air.  Only you who can redeem us out of the present state where we are captive in this heavy air.  Change yourself and you will change the universe for all eternity.

We know that the changes we have made will work as we go about our daily work each day.  We will thank and bless, we will love the sylphs and we will also talk to the angels about them.

Now you have found the little garden where you can communicate with the sylphs and the angels.  You are now taking up the task as you go out into the world and add the new ingredient of thanks, blessing and love”. 

We are now using the circle of light and cross of light in the circle of light as a golden key to close the centre of higher perception securely.  Over the crown, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral and base energy centre.

Open your eyes when you are back in the room and ready to return.

Bringing back to the here and now.

  1. Draw or visualise a protective circle a symbol of golden light over each chakra

  2. Place a white cross with some rose quartz in it

  3. The complete symbol is visualised over each charka as the meditation closes.

Amen and so be it.

Take a moment to practice these exercises moving through the air.

Exercise 1

Imagine you are a bird with your wings stretched out ready to fly.  Stretch your wings a few times and as you do open your imagination and allow yourself to vibrate in tune with all beings of light and air.  At the same time open yourself up to the experiences coming to you. Feel free to join birds in flight dancing through the air extending your curiosity with fun and laughter.

Exercise 2

Perceiving the fairy world (air element) Marko Pogacnik. Slow your breath and imagine you are surrounded by fiery magic everywhere in the air. The air is sparking all around you; you are feeling happy with a touch of curiosity and wonder.  Greet the air element (fairy essence) with a loving heart and as you exhale honour their presence.  After you have inhaled and exhaled like this a few times and allow yourself to experience the heights and depths of the fairy world.  Observe in your mind’s eye what you discover.

Condor – Eagle –Air – East – Vision

East Direction

The light beings of the Sylphs are the weather beings of the clouds and air.  They are the breeze on a hot summer’s day or the violent hurricane wind cleansing moving stuck stuff creating change, shifting, swirling and redirecting. Promoting freshness, clear vision and hope for what’s to come, making way to light the path of hidden truths encouraging listening and inner harmony. The element of air can be seen in the way we move through life with an attitude of feeling light or heavy in heart. 

Perception includes:

  • Ability to see the whole picture and all its detail at the same time.

  • Connected to oneness

  • Observe problems before they happen

  • When problems are perceived in eagle they are seen as new opportunities

  • There is cause and effect with no accidents.

  • Understanding causes and negative beliefs before you get sick

  • Highest level of healing, beauty and transformation

  • Awareness and wisdom of spirit

Eagle brings the message of new beginnings, rebirth and renewed life.  If an individual is travelling through rough times seeing an eagle signifies a fresh start providing the stamina & resilience to endure what’s ahead.  Especially when facing new and major challengers to push beyond limits of what we think we are capable of and reach higher than ever before.  We call on the eagle when challengers are so great that we cannot see above the mountain tops. We need to explore what’s beyond the horizon and take the leap to soar into the unknown.  Learning to let go of old comfortable habits/ beliefs and choosing to take full responsibility for your life by flying by the seat of your pants. The ramifications are higher regardless whether positive or negative because of increased knowing.

Stepping into Eagle

Learn the qualities of eagle by viewing their mannerism how they play, rest, hunt and look after their young. Once you have learnt several qualities move your body to role play an eagle.

  • Imagine you are an eagle for a moment and step into the body of an eagle. Observe qualities of the exterior the body? its feathers, long legs, claws and sense it’s wide outstretched wing span.

  • Observe its eyes, ears and beck what are the qualities?

  • Imagine what nature is telling you, how far can you see and hear through those eyes and ears.

  • Imagine flying way up high, diving and soaring in the sky, darting here and there gliding freely.

  • Imagine you are the eagle landing high on a tree or mountain peak seeing far beyond you have ever seen before.  Below you see a mouse some little crevice of a rock or hill side.

  • What do you perceive, how far is your vision extend out into the world?

  • What is your purpose that extends your abilities to rise above existing limitations?

Eagles are known for their clarity of vision and hearing.

elements of air

The Chinese Tastes

chinese five tastes, 5 flavors

Sour herbs include Aloe, dandelion, agrimony, gardenia, vervain, peony root, rhubarb and turmeric.

The sour/acrid flavours of Lemon, raspberry, blackberry are found in conjunction with sweet flavored e.g. cherry, apple and apricot.  Sour qualities are astringent, cooling and have a drying effect on the body and phlegm conditions.

Place a few drops of something sour on your tongue, let it sit for a few minutes and observe the flavors and acids found in these foods.

Lemons, blackberry, mung beans, quince, rhubarb, raspberry, plums, star fruit, purslane, lemon balm, hibiscus, hawthorn berry, other citrus fruits and vinegar. 

Feel into your body, become present as you take a bite and let yourself become aware of the subtle tastes and flavours as you chew and swallow. Observe where else in the body you feel the tastes and flavours.

  • What are the tastes, smells and sensations you are noticing?

The Wood element is associated with spring representing new growth moving stagnation and assisting in creating change.  Wood forms part of the liver/Gall bladder meridians and their organs. The emotion associated with wood could be anger, apathy, annoyed, overwhelm, lack of motivation and tiredness.  Wood requires motivation to move beyond the limited state of mind to promote change of action.  That is why liver herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, turmeric and celandine are beneficial in flushing out sluggish digestive systems bought on by sweeter heavier earthy foods of the winter months.  Many of the liver herbs grown in spring cleanse our bodies in time for celebrating summer festivals.

Seeing a lot of wood represents stubbornness, digging your heels in making a hole for yourself instead of taking the leap of faith in your next endeavour.

  1. How do you feel in spring?

  2. When has it been difficult for you to make a decision?

  3. How do you feel when your plans are upset?

  4. When was the last time you expressed your anger at someone?

  5. Do you love the colour green?

  6. Are you a gardener?

  7. Are you organized? Cupboards? Your pockets? Purse? Desk?

  8. Do you like to organize others or be organized by others?

  9. How’s your eyesight?

  10. How often would you drink Alcohol? Why?

  11.  What frustrates you?

  12. Do you enjoy windy weather?

  13.  Do you enjoy sour and acid foods?

  14. How is your sense of direction?  How are you at giving directions?

  15.  Did you have any growth problems as a child?

  16. What goals do you have planned for the future?

  17. What creative activities do you enjoy?  How often?

  18. Any new initiatives?

  19. Have you grown into a better person than you use to be?

As you answer the questions note what season of growth are you in right now?  How fast or slow is it?  What type of growth is it?  What are the obstacles to your growth?


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