Elements Of Fire

Elements of fire, soulecez

Fire is the great instigator full of vitality, energy, passion, creativity; it’s hot, energising, heating, warming, abundant, alive, light hearted and of great change transformer.  Rising from the phoenix is the bearer of new life, the outside husk of seeds is burnt to reveal the young sprout ready for germination.

Fire dries, burns decay creates heat when vegetation it too wet and warms to melt the ice to flow in an alpine river.  Fire is a great antiseptic, kills germs, uplifts spirits and rejuvenates.

Emotional –fire is pure joy, energised, excitement, lots of laughter, fun and uncontrollable outbursts.

Below is a list of fire related objects that have an association with the symbolic meaning of the element fire.

  • Flame and candle fire – hot, sun

  • North direction

  • Season  summer

  • Fire ant, (Conolophusmarthae of the galapagus lives on wolf volcano), bee, scorpion, emu and dingo

  • Emotion – playful, passion, excitement/ intense joy, love and sadness

  • Sense: Touch

  • Colour red, bright orange/ golden yellow and blue hot

  • Essential oils/ heart/circulation meridians – thyme, holy basil, rose, rosemary and cedar wood

  • Fiery plants e.g. tulsi, basil, mint, hibiscus, pomegranates and flame tree

  • Herbs: elderflower, hawthorn, cayenne pepper, chilli and garlic

  • Crystal – rose quartz and garnet

  • Plant spirit /flower essence: holly, agrimony  passion flower and magnolia

  • Musical note (middle C)

  • Taste: bitter

  • Foods: cayenne, chilli, garlic and dry ginger

Visualise the golden and red glow of the noon day sun, flames and the heat of a hot summer day. 

To tune into fire we follow the flame, we ask permission of the flame to dance with us.  Feel the flame inside your body. Allow its golden warmth to warm all of your body including your arms, legs and torso. Embrace its movement and quickness, darting here and there with its sheer intensity of joy and creativity. Bring in your overall impression of the nature of fire from the qualities you learnt from above. Let these qualities and impressions guide you as you begin to dance to new heights.

Bringing the qualities of fire into our conscious through body awareness

  • How do you feel when the sun is beating down on you on a hot summers day

  • What impact does the intensity of the heat have on you? Describe how this intensity feels in your body?

  • Imagine eating or better still eat a mild to hot chilli and observe the impact the chilli has as you chew and swallow through your senses. How your skin and tummy react – what are its qualities?

  • What happens when you touch something hot? How does your body react? What pain comes to mind?

  • Sitting near a naked flame how alive do you feel? What are your impressions?

  • What does fire sound like? Describe what the sound means to you?

  • How do you feel emotionally around fire?

  • Is fire powerful for you? Can you resonate with its strength and vibrancy

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Notice how your energy flows through your body. Place your hands on your heart and feel your heart opening with each breath in and breathe out. Breathe out any disturbing thoughts and breathe in love. Breathe all the way down into your abdomen. Send the energy of your breath to any part of your body that feels tense and release the tension as you exhale. Notice the thoughts, feelings, sensations and images that rise as your breathe. Notice the sounds around you as your breathe in and breathe out. And as you continue to breathe deeply, take a step back and leave your everyday life behind you for now. Picture yourself on a great grassy plane, dotted with the most beautifully coloured wildflowers with their soft sweet fragrances penetrating in the air. From where you are standing you can see two very different sights. To your right is a path leading up to a steep mountain peak and to your left is a path leading down into a deep valley.

Visualise yourself taking the left path as it leads down into the deep valley. You follow a path meandering into towards a forest. On the side of the path you see a large rock almost blocking the path. On the top of the rock is a word, carved into hard dusty surface of the limestone. This is an affirmation word that best describes and represents your potential at present. Take note or this word.

You start down the path and notice it has become quite dark as you approach the forest. Just as well really you see many brightly coloured butterflies’ and birds, beautiful scented wild flowers and huge insects, like beetle and spiders, all too beautiful to be afraid of.

Walking a little bit further along the path you meet your wise being radiating in light. The wise being may want to share something with you… Take the time to listen and exchange…

Standing beside your wise being, is your higher self, guardian angel and animal helpers who are going to take you to meet the plant Spirit Pansie who symbolises the element of fire. In the distance you hear people singing and drums beating in a tribal celebration. The drum beating becomes quite intense and loud as you approach in the night air, its feels warm and humid. Soon you see a group of people dancing, singing and having a really good time. You approach the spirit of Pansie who you will find dancing at the ceremony. You ask to speak with him/her or he/she may just pull you into the circle of tribal dance.

This is a time of great joy and celebration. Whether you want to or not you start to dance, you begin to unlock the energy that is stagnant within, you start to dance like you have never danced before, you embrace the – wild, the primeval dance, the masculine, raising your power freeing the emotions, it is cleansing and releasing old destructive energies. Soon the fire invites you to dance, the fire wants to see your passion, aliveness, your joy and ignite your internal fire. Feel the strong sexual primal life force energy radiating up from the earth through your feet. Feel the depth of this energy radiating through you, this is your primal masculine or wild feminine energy.

It’s very hot and dusty, you feel your feet thumbing on the red earth, you are in rhythm with the beating of the drum, as the festivals go deep into the night, you are feeling exhilarated, you are really enjoying yourself, you are free and strong, radiating beauty. There is much noise, shaking of musical instruments, celebrating the harvest, a time to reap what has been sown, a time to enjoy. Feel your passion; remember how excited you were when you got your first pay. What a joy it was to experience your first love, you are in love and how your inner confidence soars.

You are all grown up, you are unstoppable and the power of energy you are, is amazing racing through your veins, you are conquering the world, you know all there is to know. There is nothing you cannot achieve and you know you can do it, you are so aligned with your truth, feel the strength, feel the power. The fire that has ignited within you is your heart spirit, the spirit of laughter, your passion and zest for living. Take the time to acknowledge Pansie and your spiritual helpers and be thankful for any gifts you have received.

Take a moment to relish how you feel, give thanks to the feelings you received. Now come back to the room, let yourself come fully into your body, wriggle your toes, twinkle your nose and be present.

How do you perceive the living flame within you?

  • What is the colour and intensity of your flame?

  •  What is the emotion?

  • Do you feel excited, energised and full of life?

  •  How do you feel?


North Direction

The fire is in the north direction of celebration, new beginnings, change of a cycle and rebirth.  A time to get things done, have fun and be playful and willing to learn. It is a time of stimulating creative process helping to manifest our reality and rise in confidence.

In Chinese medicine the heart, small intestine, triple heater incorporating the brain central plus automatic nervous systems are the places of the fire element in the human body which are all easily excited.  We move out of the North when we are partying too much and working too hard.

Hummingbird medicine drinks directly from the nectar of life – not built for flight but never the less accomplishes the impossible journey. This represents the courage to embark on our own journey leading us back to the source from where we came – Ancestors, grandmothers and grandfathers and ancient wisdom remembering the old ways. 

  • The souls journey

  • Creative artistic expression of any form including poem and music

  • Soul solves a problem by looking from a deeper overall aspect; what is it really? The hidden message

  • Visualisations and change are more powerful in hummingbird

  • Unconditional love, letting go and forgiveness

  • Fix the headache mend the emotional turmoil

  • Neo-cortex brain

  • Conscious and heartfelt awareness

  • Growth and healing

In hummingbird we ask the ancestors and elders to address the concerns that we have from a place of being and stillness. I am the secret whisper I hold the future and the past, follow me, the path is long and sacred.  Humming bird is the pure essence of life and holds the hope and guidance we celebrate together in pure heart and everything is sacred. 

Stepping into dragon fly/humming bird

Learn the qualities of dragon fly or humming bird by viewing their mannerism of how they fly through the air.Once you have learnt several qualities move your body and visualise yourself as a humming bird.

  • Step into the body of a humming bird. Observe what the exterior the body?  get to feel the feathers and long legs

  • Observe your beck what are the qualities? Where are your ears?

  • What can you see and hear?

  • How do you view the world through the eyes and ears of a humming bird?

  • Imagine flying the long arduous journey from one side of the earth to the other caring forth your message of strength and persistence.

  • you can be invisible

Record your findings and for a further two weeks practice mirror work by looking into the eyes of the hummingbird/ dragon fly – what have the journeys of your soul been? Have you been on a long journey and now are you home?

element of fire

The Chinese Tastes

chinese five tastes, 5 flavors

Ginger, cayenne pepper, salad greens, endive, chicory and dandelion.

Bitter foods stimulate digestion including ginger and bitter greens especially dandelion.  They also drain and dry moist mucus conditions in the body as an colds and flu.   Foods like cayenne and ginger give pain relief and clear inflammation in the joints.

Burdock root, Dandelion root, gardenia, gentian, goldenseal, plantain, mugwort, Echinacea, yellow dock, gotu kola, feverfew, rhubarb root and yarrow. Also garlic, hawthorn, peony root, rehmania, safflower, saffron, and valerian

Feel into your body, become present as you take a bite and let yourself become aware of the subtle tastes and flavours as you chew and swallow. Observe where else in the body you feel the tastes and flavours.

  • What are the tastes, smells and sensations you are noticing?

The fire element warms the heart/pericardium and the small intestine through relationships expressing enthusiasm, joy and appreciation.  The energy is radiant and outgoing forming many new acquaintances. A healthy heart gives a glowing complexion with a happy sunny disposition that never misses a thing.  The voice is clear, well rounded in natural rhythm with a deep hearty laugh.  When the heart is low the person may experience an apathetic and joyless existence leading to depression.  If the heart is overheated the speech becomes rapid, there is confusion, distorted perception and sleep disturbances reflect heart disorders.

The bitter taste that’s left in the mouth after a bad experience can be very hard to swallow.  If unable to forgive resentment builds up blocking the path of love. It may be ironic but what tastes bitter is what helps the heart and circulatory system to move again.

The fire within is to be nurtured and lived.  The fire brings vitality and happiness a time to connect to your wild side and have fun.

  1. When was the last time you have a really good laugh?

  2. How do you feel in hot weather? Sunny warm weather?

  3. Would you wear red clothes and buy a red sports car?

  4. Would you prefer burnt orange?

  5. What do you love to do?

  6. What do you do for fun?

  7. When did you feel let down? Betrayed?

  8. When have you felt out of control?

  9. When have you really lived?

  10. How Does your family life bring you joy?

  11. How do you feel at parties?

  12. Have you heard any good jokes lately?

  13. Is friendship important to you and you enjoy being with people?

  14. Do you perspire? Easily? Have any circulatory issues?

  15. Do you like the taste of bitter foods like coffee or burnt toast?

  16. What do you feel bitter about?

  17. Do you feel loved by your partner? Family and Friends?

Reflect on how much of your life are you living to live each day as no other.  Making the most of each day brings.


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