Exploring Emotion and Sound

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We work with the soul & emotions to explore our imagination, what we observe, how we feel, and view what our inner world looks like to us.  By feeling OR SENSING into our inner world we use movement and sound to express our feelings.  We use colour to paint and words to express our true intent and ramble.  There are no rules just pure freedom and bliss. Following a strong intuitive message opens up all the portals

Harmonics and chanting sounds of the vowels i.e; uh, oh, awe, ah, ih, eh, and eeor whatever sound comes naturally helps us to tune and release what the mind cannot.  Find a moment to connect with yourself. Feel into the heart or solar plexus and go the part the body when there is pain or tension. 

What do you observe and sense in this area?

Is there an emotion or unease that you would like to give a voice?

For example the sound groaning channeled through the pelvis in a squatting position from deep within the sacral and root chakras allows us to give birth to pain and trauma. That we may have held back from a birthing experience and other ideas, inspiration and plans that had not been delivered for whatever reason.  You feel you need to give birth to rebirth power in your life. You may birth ideas, emotions, roles that you scarified because your attention was directed to nurture a growing family

This is a great way of birthing and reconnecting what is coming up for you now.

Directing sound into areas where we hold emotion and feel pain with the expression of movement, gives the body a chance to release the past in that moment and reconnect to where you need to be.

There is no right or wrong movement, places or sounds and everyone may have a different response. That’s okay.

Chakra                   Sound          Sounds like

Base                        uh                  uhhhh

Sacral                      oh                  ohhhh

Solar Plexus           awe               awwe

Heart                       ah                 ahhhh

Throat                     ih                   ihhhhh

Third eye                eh                  ehhhh

Crown                     ee                  eeeee

You may like to have a little practice in the toning sound and tuning it with the chakras before you begin. Make the sound with each Charka individually and then string them together in a melody.

  1. Start with a deep breath and voice the sound of say uh.

  2. Allow the breath to wrap around the sound and take it deep into the body.

  3. Make the sound in a full deep note a little louder each time.

  4. Make it fun.

  5. Take you awareness to the part of the body that you will sound the note to.

  6. Make the sound correlating with that chakra.

  7. Now tune into the chakra while making the sound and tune the sound up or down, softer or louder etc.

The beauty is that it’s what sound resonates best for you at the time so don’t get too hooked up on being correct. It is what your body wants to work with that is important. If you would like to make a humming or groaning sound in preference then that’s what you need. You are turning your body to fit your frequency that will eventually tune your note, your special sound and vibration balance your mind, body and soul.

Emotions are energy stuck in motion and become stagnant when there is something we are not ready to acknowledge, understand or let go.  Emotions are windows into the soul inviting us to connect to how we feel and live in the moment.  They are asking us to express what we need to say right now and are often masked by conditioning and thought processes.

You may wish to journey into that emotion and explore it a little.  Keep your attention focused on where it is in the body and how does it feel.

Imagine you are stepping into the part of the body that feels tense and holds emotion.

  1. Place your hand on that part and breathe into the emotion. Now allow yourself to sense and feel into how it seems.

  2. What is the shape and sensation?

  3. How does the emotion appear in the mind’s eye?

  4. Going a little deeper sense into how the emotion feels.

  5. What is the emotion?

  6. Let the emotion tell you its story.

  7. Stay with the emotion let it speak to you.

  • Move whichever way you want to.

  • Sense into the body’s experience and – its energy and reaction.

  • Movement can be gentle, fast, slow or rapid, vigorous full  and bold.

  • Feel into the body sensations – let your body speak to you.

  • Feel into the emotions.

  • Go with instinct.

  • Become one with soul, flow like a musical symphony in harmony with you.

Our bodies are like beautiful musical symphonies expressing our unique tune through movement and sound. You can feel the intensity, the love, the compassion, the sorrow and the pain with heartfelt expression in an amazing orchestra with the support of the angels.

Stand on a map inside or outside where you feel comfortable.  Take a few deep breaths and breathe into your body allowing yourself to feel centred. Now allow your body to move naturally as it wants to. Start to sway and gently rock your body backward and forwards, now move your legs. Move your arms your torso and allow your body to speak with sound and movement. Bring awareness to any tension and areas in the body that wants to have a voice.

Feel into your body and bring your awareness to how you feel in the body now take your attention to a part of the body, you may feel an emotion or tension sensation – even if you don’t know what the emotion is but you have a sense of it – allow your awareness to be drawn to a place in your body where you feel you need to go. It may be an emotion or a block, tightness sensation like a knot n the solar plexus or pain in the lower back.   As you connect with the physical sensation of this emotion within your body feel what is this all about. 

Sense into the emotion and make a sound that expresses the anger, pain, grief and hurt that you feel.  Let the sound vibrate through your body allowing the emotion to be the vehicle for its expression.

Breathe into the body area where the sound is and if you have not already done so make the emotional release sound with the movement as you express yourself through the body. Let your sound and movement be your guide letting the body move and express itself.  Feel the intensity of expression you are releasing and when you need to be gentle, express the subtleness of what you want to say. When you feel you have done all you need for now come back to the room slowly gently following the movement as you stop.

When you know what the emotion or situation feels like begin to draw or write.  It is possible you might not.  Start to draw anyway, anything, don’t think about it, let what you need to draw or paint or make come to you, imagine you are flowing down a river and what is coming your way is going to appear. Allow the shapes, depth of colours, intensity and shades of the lines, dots, squiggles and designs come to play.

  1. Allow your images to come into your field of attention and focus on them without giving them too much concentration, just observe, be with them, share loving space with them.

  2. Rest your attention on your breath and be in the now and begin work on your art.

  3. Be open to any body or mental imagery that comes to mind. If no visual picture comes to mind try sensing through movement, sound, taste or smell

  4. Write down observation; make a prose, sketch, paint, mould clay or mosaic.

soul speak

Let yourself become part of your dream float to where your soul speaks with you in your heart of hearts. Feel the love and gratitude for yourself. What do you see in your mind’s eye? And what do you hear?

  • A4 piece of paper

  • Material to draw and paint with pens, crayons, pastels, paints and pencils.

  • Clay for sculpturing/moulding

  • Notebook for writing

Make something with clay to mould the emotion into a form, creating a symbol or story Give the form a name and sit with it.  Write something about the form to illustrate the journey you are on or have been through.

At first it may be too overwhelming to create, be patient and breathe and it will come

  1. What were the feelings or emotions expressed?

  2. How did you feel?

  3. When you sensed into what you were feeling what was it saying to you?

  4. What is the part of the body you were drawn to?

  5. Around what age were you?

  6. What was the original circumstance that triggered these feelings?

  7. What impact did making the sound have for you?

  8. Were there any special meanings or messages around the emotions expressed?

  9. Do you feel different now that you have expressed the emotions?