Life Balance & Self-care

Life Balance & Self-care

Balance is maintained throughout all aspects of a person’s life including nutrition, career, exercise, family, personal growth, wellbeing and relationships We live in a society that values achievement, qualification, success and status higher than anything else.  Often people ignore their bodies and minds, take a Panadol if you are in pain and keep going. We are expected to just soldier on through illness and stress. What’s the point of being so successful that you suffer overwhelm, stress and burn out, where is your joy of living.

Holistic coaching teaches Life balance & self-care addressing your needs, where is your energy being drained, are you pushing yourself too hard or are you too comfortable or stuck.

A holistic life coach helps identify what’s getting in the way of you enjoying life.  Looks at where you are wearing yourself thin, what’s not working and how you can schedule some special time for you each week.

  • How satisfied you are in all areas of your life?

  • How happy are you?

  • Practical Self-care measures; physical appearance, health, physical environment, time management, healthy eating, energy levels and emotional needs

  • Specific self-care needs; what drains your energy, not enough sleep or how well do you handle conflict.

  • Toxic relationships; spend more time with people who honour you and letting go those that allow you to feel less good about yourself.

  • Take action and set boundaries; learn to say no

  • Letting go, time for cleansing release; bearing grudges, envy, holding on to the past, or resisting change.

Complete the Self-Care & Self Cares Needs quiz, send them back to us via email or in person to start the process of Life Balance & Self-Care package.