Listening To The Land

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The human race is waking up it is time to engage with the many interconnected worlds we share with heartfelt and sensory awareness.  Our consciousness is expanding and we perceive who and what makes up our current reality. I would like to take you on a journey of dreaming into being where you get to speak to the animals and elementals through earth mother dreaming.

We are connected to the earth’s magnetic field via the electromagnetic energy system of the charkas from the root chakra directly with mother earth.  

The children of indigenous cultures learn the rites of passage through ritual, sitting with the land and storytelling. So when the children leave the family nest they naturally unite with mother earth as the parent mother and father sky as the father. Today many people face issues in their lives because they lack a belonging, a sense of place due to lost connection.  This includes the foundation of our selves emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As well as the physical body including the legs, feet, knees and the vital force to support sex hormones, the glands of the ovaries and testes assisting in the procreation and survival of our race.

The energies of the heaven and the earth connect us to the natural cycles of our lives, embracing the mother earth and father sky to nurture us.  Coming home to the primeval mother and father provides a place for us to reside and heal. The bodies of our ancestors are absorbed back into the ecosphere to become one with the land, the trees, the mountains and the rivers.

We have found our place nestled in the bosom of our earth mother providing the cradle of life.

We salute the earth and acknowledge all her inhabitants from the creepy crawlies to the birds, fish, stones, land, water, plant life and one cell amoeba we embrace the Great Spirit the creator of all.

Earth mother and the Soul of the Earth is the centre of our conscious universe.  The earth soul has awakened into Christ conscious so we can all exist in a realm of unconditional love of upmost respect. We are her and she is us, so is what is above is below and what is within is without.  As we tune deep within our own psyche of our soul in being we see that we are all one and it is within the earth mother we dream and heal.  We see what needs to be healed when we are in the dream played out in our imagination and feeling (soul body).

Below is a step by step guide into becoming present creating oneness with the land and plant spirit communication?  The process will take a few goes till you feel confident.  Don’t worry if you feel nothing is happening.  Bring your attention into the heart and become present and before long you will just be. Relax into the now with your eyes and ears open.  Appreciate whatever is revealed to you.

  1. Breathe in deeply, breathe into your body, slow down and allow yourself to be present with the stillness of your breath. Just be, you don’t have to be anywhere else but here right now and breathe, breathe in the light, breathe in love.

  2. Open the aura, bring in spiritual helpers – say a pray for mother father earth & sun bring in golden white light for protection –bring in the four directions, animals/angels for protection. (Use the Four Winds Invocation by Alberto Villoldo).

  3. With eyes open focus on your breathe and become aware of all that is around you and within you.  All the sounds, wind the air, sun – allow yourself to be immersed with the elements – welcoming and honour nature spirits – active meditation merging yourself with the environment with appreciation and gratitude.

  4. Breathing deeper into the stillness of breath. Slow down, slower, become aware of the quietness, the subtle energy linking you to unlimited love, chi, life force (a coming home) there is no other place you would rather be.

  5. Between the out breath and the in breath imagine a beautiful loving golden light of your soul radiantly deep love and wisdom to you.  A sense that you are an illuminous body filled with the sea of luminous substance.  Allow an all-encompassing sense of presence/ beingness to be felt without a boundary filling you with love.

  6. Feel into your heart and allow this soft love penetrate your entire being

  7. Visualize yourself as a body of light fully radiantly with love of your soul.  Your soul connects you through your feelings, imagination, body senses and spirit.  Begin seeing everything in golden white light and wonderment. 

  8. Breathe deeply into mother earth for a few minutes till you feel a deep connection and grounding.  Image yourself as a tree with deep roots penetrating the earth with branches, foliage and fruit reaching for the stars.  Be open to receive the bounty of life and spirit.

  9. Just be, become totally present. There is nothing more to do but listen and sense or feel into your inner energy body. Be aware of your senses, thoughts, animal, bird sounds, the wind blowing on your cheek, the sun, the light and observe how in tuned you feel, the oneness you are with everything.

  10. Take your attention to your third eye and focus on your inner vision, what are you experiencing or seeing. 

  11. While keeping your awareness inside and out become aware – STOP AND LISTEN what you hear? What do you see? You are still.  It may feel like you are in a trance.  Here you may sense an awareness develop around the base of the skull and pineal gland