Soul Play

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By feeling into our bodies and listening to felt sense we begin to understand how our inner world operates. What is just mind stuff, what is really happening, and what we need to heal.

Creativity and healing are gateways to spirit and to wellness, finding your authentic voice through movement takes you to this portal, touches spirit and restores the soul.

With the flow of each breath and the speaking of each word find yourself visualising your connection as real.

If anyone is interested after reading this article, please contact me if you would like to learn sensory awareness, colour and the language of plants. I am very passionate about the subject but I would like to learn more with others because the more people journey together the more we can learn.

Soul Connection Meditation

 Allow yourself to relax, with each in breath and out breath imagine your external world is filled with a loving golden white light. The whole world in front of you is gleaming golden white light like you are in heaven and anything is possible. Bring this beautiful light into your body and just be, do nothing, think nothing, just be and allow yourself to float to where your soul exists within your body usually around the heart, solar plexus area and the hara where you feel a floating sensation or see a blue light or a soft gold light this is your soul.

Allow the sensation of love and golden white light to fill you fully and penetrate deeply within. If this is hard to imagine try visualising golden white light penetrating from above deep into your crown embodying the whole body, deeply into your recesses of your body, filling up your body, penetrating every cell, every organ, blood vessel, enzyme reaction and DNA molecule in your body, fully alive and immersed.

You must be inside your body to feel your soul; this means allowing the thoughts to flow on by and breathe deeply into yourself becoming lost in the breath and focused on your attention for love. You need to be in touch with your feelings, the smells around you, be opened to what is happening within and without at the same time. It is through how we feel that we are in contact with a greater awareness of the soul. We allow our feelings to be and as we resonate with them we are able to feel the magnificence of our soul. Our soul is closely connected to our heart and it is within the heart that god resides and divine intelligence. Allow yourself to be, with an open heart and mind.

As the magnificence of love grows we can push the love using our awareness to out beyond the body encompassing the whole room you are in or even out into space, your love is limitless. This love and light you feel needs to be anchored deep within the earth to your earth star through the golden rod of your spinal cord and reaching above you to your heaven star which aligns you to your soul’s mission on earth and the ability to receive divine guidance from spirit and teachers.

By allowing ourselves to feel and just be we allow more of our soul intention to rise and web into our consciousness, thinking and feeling. We can focus on what is our soul note or soul signature these are the symbols that assist us to connect to our divine intelligence, our soul at any time. The soul connection comes from being, to being totally present in this moment that the entire world exists in this moment and all is possible, imaginable and congruent in how it should be. This moment is as large as it can be and falls outside the existence of time, in fact time seems to slow down when you are here. When we are here in this world of bliss we are totally connected with soul, spirit and all that is. At any time we can fall back into our soul like a glove and feel totally at home and this is the place I call love. This is what people are seeking and can now say I am home, I have found my spot, grove and I am happy, full of love and would not want to be anywhere else.

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