Spirit Of The Land

Spirit of the land, soulecez

The relationship with spirit of the land is essential for addressing where you come from, where you belong and who you are.  Although where you live and reside may change over time. Your connection to the land remains constant with where the land calls you to live as caretakers.  Just as a home that you purchase feels just right it is because the spirit of the house/ land has called you by matching your frequency with it.  At a higher level you have already manifested this new home in some way with the help of spirit. It is your soul/ spirit connection with the land dreaming that brings you home to where you belong by calling the soul to return.

The New Zealand Maori believe that when their spirit passes over. It travels the length of the long white cloud (New Zealand) to cape Regina to be reunited with its ancestors. There are many reasons why the spirit of the land has called you and I believe we cocreate with many ancestors and spirit to fulfil our purpose on the land.

Feeling into the wounds of the land helps you heal the land where you live.  If you have experienced frequent loss and stress on your property. Then it’s possible that ancestrally there has been carnage in the past on your land and is reflected in the people and animals that live there now.

The issue with lost is that many souls can inhibit the land where heart ache is found and show up in animals dying with no specific cause or family members being sick and feeling out of sort for no reason. 

Feeling into the wound with permission of the land and property spirit helps to address what has been dealt.  Within the land there may be distressing sounds of past trauma. The wound could be a big gush showing signs of injury, red open infected wounds and deep crevices with limited life.  The area has lost its connection to the web of light and needs our help to assist. Not directly but by asking the accompanying Angels of Spirit and Ancestors to heal.  Even though some areas are dark in a foreboding mystery there are always light beings at works like glow worms and other light beings bringing life to these places.  There are many gnomes and other spirit working busily building and making do with the limited resources they have to make a better earth for all to flourish. The gnomes and fairies do not have the resources to bring souls back to the light.  We call on the spirit of the land and Arc Angels to assist as this is their jurisdiction.

Asking the allies to remove what’s causing the harm and healing the wound.  We follow this up with seeing the land whole, complete and in harmony for the highest good of all. 

The type of crops and vegetation that grow on the land tells a story of what your land has come to bear.  As do the wide open spaces of barren land, scars on the land, water ways and hilly hill terrain. 

Available at our disposal we have plant spirits that heal the land and these may include the plant burdock that heals grief and worry; it is particularly nourishing and supportive.  Selfheal and plantain heal the physical wounds by clearing and cleansing. Comfrey rebuilds and resets while rose heals depression. With the help of the accompanying angels and archangels, the spirit of the land addresses what needs to occur.    All lost souls when retrieved are sent to with those to the other side with the help of the Archangels.

Highest Developed Spiritual Being

Dialogue with the Spirit of the Land

Ask for the protection of the archangels below

Before me is Raphael

Behind me is Uriel

On my right stands Michael

On my left stand Gabriel

For around me flames the pentagram and in the centre stand the 6 pointed star.

Amen and so be it.

Focus on the breath, and breathe slowly and deeply until you feel relaxed, slow your busy thoughts.  Open sacred space to bring in the compassionate helping spirits, ancestors and spirit of the land (see the four winds innovation below).  With an open heart full of gratitude expand your aura so you feel expansive, uplifting and large. Be fully present with an appreciation for all things. Now extend your awareness letting the landscape come into view.  Allow your senses to take in its sights, smells and sounds

Become present and connect with the awareness that inhibits the landscape

Spirit of the land, Queensland
  1. What colour is the sky?

  2. Are there clouds? Is there are gentle breeze or Is it stormy or a beautiful clear blue sky? Day or night?

  3. What kind of terrain does this landscape have? Is it rocky, mountainous, hilly flat barren with dams and creeks?

  4. Take a note of any markings that appear distinct in the landscape?

  5. What kind of vegetation grows here? Native bush, trees, flowers, lush green grass etc.?

  6. Any people, animals, birds, insects or other wild life, what are they?

  7. What are the smells and scents?

  8. What are the sounds you hear about you?

  9. Are there roads and buildings?

The best time to speak with the spirit of the land is when you feel uplifted (full of grace and buoyant) relaxed and free of all worry and all distraction.

Call the spirit of the property, of the land with the help of the Accompanying Angels and ancestors to guide you.

Allow your imagination to connect to the awareness of being who embodies the essential elements of this landscape .Ask the spirit of your land/property to show you an image or felt sense to know you are interacting with them from your inner wisdom/voice of spirit.  You may need to ask another time to be fully engaged and know the image or felt sense is whom you are connecting with.  If the connection does not feel good, ask your inner awareness if this is a ping or a thud.  If it is a ping and feels right then all is ok.  But if you receive a bang or heaviness retract and ask again.  Give thanks to the accompanying Angels, ancestors of the land and spirit of the land when done.

Use a pendulum when in need.

Take time to listen inwardly – write down the answers you receive.

Clear and center the mind focusing your attention on asking specific questions.

  • At first ask the pendulum to swing the way that would represent NO

  • Then a yes

  • Not sure

  • Is there something else

Practice a few times by asking questions that always have a Yes or No answer like your name, where do you live and other particulars about you that you know.

Once you have practiced and are familiar with using the pendulum center and still the mind and proceed to ask the following questions – please note you will need to ask questions that require a yes or no answer.

Ask your pendulum if you have your Accompanying Angles with you yes/no

You are in the right space and energy to connect yes/no.

Is this the right time to speak with the spirit of the land/property?

Focus your awareness to engage with spirit, observe and ask the following questions.

  • Ask the spirit of the land to send an image of whom you are connecting with? Note any images and intuitive hunches and sensory nuances

  • Is this a good time to talk? If not when would be a better time?

  • Ask them what they can tell you about the land? Listen and observe

  • What can you learn from this land?

  • Is there anything else you can tell me? 

  • You may like to ask how you can help.

Send blessings and thanks to mother father god, father sun, Arc angels all helping spirits and nature devas.

We are now using the circle of light and cross of light in the circle of light as a golden key to close the centre of higher perception securely.  Over the crown, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral and base energy centre.

Open your eyes when you are back in the room and ready to return.

Bringing back to the here and now

  1. Draw or visualise a protective circle a symbol of golden light over each chakra

  2. Place a white cross with some rose quartz in it

  3. The complete symbol is visualised over each charka as the meditation closes.

Amen and so be it.

  1. How do you feel?

  2. What does the landscape tell you about your life, where you are at?

  3. Are there any symbols that are meaningful to you?

  4. What stood out the most for you?

Close sacred space and thank light beings for helping you with the four winds invocation.


  • Dr Patrick MacManaway subtle energies workshop 2019 through RCS