The Dancing Soul Meditation

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For the following activity: find somewhere outdoors where you can move around a little and feel free to express yourself and flow with how you feel.

Visualise yourself being surrounded by beautiful golden white light. Everywhere you look you see shimmering golden white light. Take a deep breath and breath this beautiful light full of love into your heart. As you breathe the love and light visualise your whole body and aura being filled with the most beautiful encompassing love you have ever felt. Take a moment to breathe in the love radiating from the sunshine and light that surrounds you. As you inhale and exhale you find yourself becoming softer and very light.

If anyone is interested after reading this article, please contact me if you would like to learn sensory awareness, colour and the language of plants. I am very passionate about the subject but I would like to learn more with others because the more people journey together the more we can learn.

Imagine you have stepped into heaven. A golden white light everywhere; this is truly a magical place. You are now surrounded by many light beings, beautiful souls and angels who want the very best for you. Feel their love, you are in a place where you feel totally secure, at peace and in oneness with everything surrounded by a love that knows no bounds.

Now stand in a place out in nature that connects with you. Feel the earth beneath your feet pulsing. Breathe in the vibration of the earth rising to greet you resonating in your heart to sound your earth song and calling.

Close your eyes if you need to and begin to focus on your breath breathing gently. Tune into the breath, and follow the movement of air as it moves in and out of the lungs – inhaling in and exhaling. Sense how the air feels; take a moment to appreciate the ability to breathe this wonderful oxygenated air that gives you life. Take deep breaths and fill your whole being.

Your soul resides within your heart. Feel the gentleness of your soul as it speaks softly to you through your emotions, thoughts and movements. Feel what your soul wants you to feel, the joy and laughter, learn to be totally free as you dance through the air.

Start to move your body and begin to move and glide through the air. Notice how light and at one as you move through the air, free as a bird. Move your torso as a beautiful ballerina or a swan gliding gracefully along a lake. As you twist your torso move your arms around your body, entwining your hand from your heart space and raising your hands reaching to the sun. Move yourself freely and let your mind and consciousness flow with your body. Twist your shoulders in unison with your hips; really start to loosen your body and let your body move as if it is dancing with the symphony orchestra in your greatest performance yet… Listen with your awareness in your body and let the body lead you, it will show you what to do.

Keep moving and flowing in graceful movements making hand gestures that bring in the outside world in. You are receiving guidance and a form of expression that embraces your connection to the environment that surrounds you through touch. Sense into your senses, feel the wind blow softly against your skin, observe what other sounds you hear as you feel the wind. Sense into the body where are you tingling, do you feel energy moving, is there lightness or heaviness shifting. How does it feel? What are the sounds you hear?

Keep your movement’s soft and gentle, allowing your body to be soft and flexible.

What comes to mind in your third eye or inner sight, what imagery is be played as you glide and move gracefully through the air.

While moving your hands through the air in the natural world take a moment to appreciate the earth angels and elementals that make life possible for us to live here. Open your heart in gratitude and feel the love flowing abundantly around and through you.

Let your movement begin to slow, stay present in your body and just be where ever you are.