The Language of Plants

language of plants

The language of plants is a guide to the doctrine of signatures, many plants look like the illness that they heal like eyes bright for itchy, irritated eyes and sinuses. The shape of the flower looks like an eye with lashes, surrounded by beautiful colours of violet and yellow. Two complementary colours that balance each other; the violet allows for ease and relaxation amongst the busyness of the yellow. Eyes bright speaks about seeing life in strain, tired, busyness and reveals the ability to soothe infection and give moisture to the eyes and Eustachian tubes.

The colours of the leaf and flower speaks to us in our emotions and physic; the colour resonates deep within the charkas to draw to us the communication with soul and spirit asking for our attention to stop and take notice. Often when we are drawn to a particular colour, is important to breathe this colour fully into our being, because it is a message sent from spirit.

The shape and texture of the leaf determine what its remedy is for. Moisture content and appearance will indicate the similarities to our own skin, organs and functions of the body. The succulence indicates water as in other plants like mullein, marshmallow and comfrey to be used when we are dried out.

When I learnt flower essences we studied the doctrine of signatures, by studying plants visually and chakras the plant would resonate with. This is followed by drawing and gaining permission to sit with the flower with appreciation and gratitude. Gradually a relationship develops learning to get to know each other as your best friend. You feel respect and love is as you would show a dear friend to whom you have known for a long time. In practice I see myself as the plant, I visualise, I feel into them or them into me and allow the feeling and journeying of the plant to flow through my body and veins. I note what my senses tell me; do I feel hot or cold, moist or dry, what conditions the plant treats and in what conditions in the environment do they like to grow. Knowledge is developed by a pathway of mental images, feeling, intuition and being, flowing backwards and forwards forming a total picture of the plant, something like mindfulness, reflection and meditation.

As you take a bite of the plant’s leaf or flower, seed or root, the part used in healing you observe the taste, texture, tingles and sensations occurring in the body and observing what part of the body does the plant serve.

Other attributes you may see while sitting with the plant are the emotional images, medicinal properties and other teachings. The spirit of the plant may come through, which is a real bonus because you learn the personality, what they like, their message and see the herb as a living, growing, loving member of your extended family.

If anyone is interested after reading this article, please contact me if you would like to learn sensory awareness, colour and the language of plants. I am very passionate about the subject but I would like to learn more with others because the more people journey together the more we can learn.

In what element does the plant resonate from? Is it air, fire, water, earth or ether? I have a deep regard and appreciation for the work elementals and nature spirits perform on our planet and think it is necessary to acknowledge with gratitude their existence and how they help us. I communicate in my heart and mind daily to access communication with spirit because I choose to be connected to all life.

The ancestors knew the knowledge of ancient wisdom from deep within mother earth and by incorporating the astrology of the stars knew how plants worked. Feeling the immense connection of this existence but knowing very little in totally we are only in recent times picking up those lost pieces.

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