Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Intuition is the speaker of truth, trusting intuition and following the guidance of wisdom builds self-esteem and supports what is right for us. 

Self-esteem is reflected in your body’s cells, which makes up your inner thoughts, feelings, negative mind set and positive voice for the cells. The cells are supported with bio photons that radiate with love and light to and from the DNA.  Your spiritual imprint is embedded in your electromagnetic field and body’s intelligence of your cells.  It holds the key to your understanding and happiness. 

Wellness coaching builds self-awareness in the body and mind.  Each time you feel an energy blockage, tension in your emotions, discomfort or pain in the body.  The body’s intelligence warns you of things not being quite right or horribly wrong, and you need to act.  We each have a unique energy field that connects us to the spirit of life in all things.

When you step out of your soul frequency you lose your connection to the earth. You have found yourself out on a limb; you have lost your mojo.  The soul will demonstrate through illness and pain as signals for you to wake up and pay attention.  Each time the heart is less open to love and goodness, you lose connection to your unique energy system.  The electromagnetic and energy fields surrounding our bodies become dense.  We become more like matter and less light.  We are more likely to give up loving ourselves and act like we don’t care, our minds and bodies are controlling the show in a state of limited awareness.  As the light and love dims we learn to become afraid and develop symptoms of mental illness like anxiety, sadness, frustration and depression.  We lose sight of the bigger picture, our gifts and talents. 

Practicing gratitude and smiling inwards awakens the heart of love again and we move with the bounce and joy of life that it was intended.  Each morning taking a few moment to install grace, will raise your vibration, increase your frequency so you feel up beat for the day; the morning routine improves wellbeing, health and raises esteem (your mojo).  Not only do you feel better, more empowered but your ability to attract what is good in life improves too.  Wellness coaching teaches wellbeing and connection to what life has to offer to fulfil purpose right here and now.  You find your own soul frequency and trust in the flow of the inner knowing.  Curiosity and wonder of living a fulfilled alive experience brings you fully into your body and clarity of mind.

With each breath you connect to your heart with the intention of love you awaken. You continue to listen to your feelings, sensations, blocks and any visual pictures received in the body. Wellness coaching listens to the wisdom of the Body.  Its intelligence tells the sacred story of power, your birth right and wellness.  Wellness coaching supports the mind giving freedom to take positive action, securing intuitive connection with your sacred power, wellbeing, talents and destiny.

Wellness Coaching inspires to: speak up now
  • To say I love you, I love you many times a day

  • Laughter and sing out loud

  • Not hide from who you really are.

  • Develop gratitude through self-awareness

  • Trust inner guidance

  • Uncover blocks and addresses them

  • Listen to what your body needs

  • Heals Emotions

  • See your illness as a gift?